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Make strategic choices. Own your business.

Have control over your entire business through insights in why, how and what happens.

Get direct insight in budget and spends
  • Get instant insight in budgets and results on individual level through our ROI classification
  • Get comprehensive insight on aggregated level through report&analytics
  • Always have an up to date budget tracker
Manage your business on both authorization and SoX level
  • Manage your business through a SoX compliant approval workflow
  • Easily manage the authorization of your team members
  • Instant insight in who made changes in what status
Drivers to fulfil your business case
  • Our tool is based on best practices, configurable to your business needs
  • We offer a standard pricing module
  • Save on IT applications
  • Significantly increase your workforce efficiency
  • Demand forecast accuracy through machine learning
  • Get a better result on ROI impact

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Trust the machine. It does know it better.

The winners of tomorrow are companies who are able to unlock their big data and plan, manage and optimise their business according to those insights.

Change management at CPG companies needs hardcore commitment

the future lays in the companies with the vision and drive to be masters of change. And you cannot be a master of change in today’s world without the mentality, leadership and the software perspective to master data, AI, and workflows to deliver value to today’s demanding consumers.