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Know what you don’t know to increase your marketshare

Connect your marketing plan with sales revenue.
Have instant insights in spends and ROI on categories and brands.

Have insight in promotional effects on your market share and brand value:
  • Get insight in the direct effects of promotions on your marketshare through our Gantt chart with actuals and planned activities for both your organisation as well as competitors
  • Get insight in indirect effects of promotions on your brand value and marketshare, with one pagers that inform you and, e.g connect folder images directly to individual promotions both for you as well as for your competitors (in-market effect).
Get more grip on the promotional process
  • Get more grip and connect with sales revenue with insights on what is planned with what effect/mechanism and spend
  • Work together with sales and give guidelines based on your insight to support your objectives
  • Manage promotional planning and connect your marketing year plan to the promotional year plan

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Trust the machine. It does know it better.

The winners of tomorrow are companies who are able to unlock their big data and plan, manage and optimise their business according to those insights.

Change management at CPG companies needs hardcore commitment

the future lays in the companies with the vision and drive to be masters of change. And you cannot be a master of change in today’s world without the mentality, leadership and the software perspective to master data, AI, and workflows to deliver value to today’s demanding consumers.