Sergei Lahutsiankou, former Trade Promotion Management consultant at Goldfish, joins visualfabriq

New hire:

“What’s appealing about visualfabriq is the ambition, the great goals, and the great team.”

Sergei comes from Minsk, Belarus, a beautiful landlocked and -like The Netherlands- a mostly flat country between Poland and Russia. He studied Computer Science and Business Administration. Since 2011 he has been working at Goldfish for large CPG accounts like Heinz and Friesland Campina. Now he starts as an implementation consultant at visualfabriq: “I will talk a lot with business users and implement their wishes in the VF-software.” Why did he choose to work at visualfabriq: “Sometimes in your career you feel the vibe, visualfabriq has that vibe. The goals, the ambition, the hands on mentality, and fortunately: the brains.”