Trade Promotion Master™

The only true end-to-end solution in the world.

Plan, track, optimize and evaluate the entire promotion process within a few minutes at one single point of entry.

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Enjoy agility in trade promotion management 


It’s all in the cloud

Enjoy the modern way of working, the freedom of agility.

Easy going

Anyone can do it. Making mistakes is almost impossible.

Loaded with features

Giving you the insights you never had before.

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Our revolutionary approach in one minute

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With ‘at you fingertips’ we really mean at you fingertips


Forget the slow and difficult promotion process, the endless discussions, the dependency on others, the static and out dated reports. From now on you know exactly what to do, within a few seconds, dynamically and 24/7.

Trade Promotion Master™

Enjoy working with the best in class


We wanted to make the best Trade Promotion Management tool in the world, which combines planning, tracking, optimizing and evaluation of promotions. According to a detailed study on leading Trade Promotion Tools in the world we succeeded in it.

Trade Promotion Master™

We just love this quote – from one of our users:

“Visualfabriq’s TPM seems too good to be true, but nevertheless it’s true.”

(references from our clients are available on request)

Trade Promotion Master™ in three words:

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A game change

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Time is the new currency

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Watch the impact

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The Trade Promotion Master™ business case is highly compelling




Everyday a better user experience


We are thrilled to receive a lot of compliments about the useability of Trade Promotion Master. But we are never ready. Everyday we improve the useability to give you a better user experience. And four times a year we update the application with a new release. Yes, we are aiming at better than best.

Trade Promotion Master™