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Working at a great place, what does that mean? Well, you are part of a great team, highly skilled professionals that love to share knowledge, to grow, to unleash excellence. And you are member of an inclusive and diverse team with over 20 nationalities, an honest and open and happy environment where you can be who you are. That’s great.

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Our core values

We work hard and make sure we have fun doing this, while respecting each other’s differences!

We build together with our customers to deliver against their business case with indisputable attention for integrity and respect.

We create relevant solutions today for tomorrow, enabling our customers to become and stay fit for the future.

We work with a great amount of accountability. We take full responsibility for our actions and commitments.


Listen to some of our colleagues. What is their opinion of working at Visualfabriq?
And yes, they really mean it.

Have a look at our job openings!

Job openings

Our recruitment process.

You might want to know the recruitment process. Alina tells you everything about in this short video.

We would love to have you with us.

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It’s in
our DNA.

We are encouraging.
We show each other that we care about their ideas, contributions, and success.

We connect with others.
We acknowledge others, smile, and be courteous.

We express gratitude.
We give thanks and recognition to others.

We Share information.
We make sure everyone has the information they need to do their job and to feel trusted and included.

We speak up.
We nurture an environment where everyone can raise issues of physical, mental, and emotional safety.

We Walk in their shoes.
We empathize and understand the point of view of others, be considerate of their time, and ask before assuming.

We grow and develop.
We share knowledge, seek feedback, and commit to learning.

We are team players.
We nurture an environment where help is happily offered, asked for and received, priorities are clearly communicated, and workloads are levelled.

We are diverse & inclusive.
It helps us recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own.