Any Variety, Volume and Velocity of Data? No Problem!

“Everybody makes this claim; however, we watched the system load 15,000 promotions in just 30 seconds.”

2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama

Over the past year, leading independent analysts such as the Promotion Optimisation Institute (POI) have noted a surge in momentum as the Consumer Goods industry looks towards transforming the ways they manage trade promotion revenue.

From many quarters, there’s the call for CG companies to abandon outdated spreadsheet-based modalities and instead take up new solutions offering leading technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and machine learning to drive trade efficiencies and company growth.

At the heart of this transformation is your company data – and how you store it, manage it and use it in pursuit of achieving your organisational goals. New thinking and ideas, new tech capabilities and capacities, and the relentless drive towards digital business have radically changed the ways we use data.

Says Visualfabriq CEO and co-founder, Jaco Brussé: “It is simply not possible for a CG company to be positioned as a leading player of even the very near future while still clinging to redundant technologies. How you use your data and the quality of what you can get out of your data is going to determine your organisational growth and leadership position in the industry.”

One of the major changes in how we use data is how solving complex business problems by training machines with data is becoming mainstream. Ever-increasing computing power, ever-improving algorithms and the rapid proliferation of data sources is making it possible to use machine learning, an aspect of AI, to solve a far wider range of business problems – including those that have long impacted on effective trade revenue management.

“When it comes to AI, there’s still a lingering perception in the industry that it is some kind of ‘Terminator technology’ that is far off in the future. But that is simply not true,” Brussé points out.

“Thanks to our platform which has been designed to radically transform revenue management, our industry-leading clients use fully integrated workflows, systems and AI to plan their best promotions in just minutes. They get instant, accurate insights into the promotions that will work for them today; and use advanced AI models to predict future, winning promotions. They are able to scale-up promotion volumes to meet any business need without performance issues.”

Visualfabriq’s end-to-end TPM-TPO-TPE process, which uses leading AI models, integrates any and all data sources of any volume. 90% of the work is saved because there is no manual data preparation or cleansing. 80% of promotions and 90% of baselines are all automated, freeing up the sales professional to do what they do best.

In its latest evaluation of visualfabriq in the 2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama POI analysts had this to say about our data capabilities and services:

“Visualfabriq utilizes a standard deployment process that drives successful system implementation in approximately 4 months. It has the ability to handle significant amounts of data. Everybody makes this claim; however, we watched the system load 15,000 promotions in just 30 seconds.”

“the willingness to offer data management services is quite unique for a vendor of their size, if not for the market as a whole.”

Download the full report here:

POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2018 – Visualfabriq (PDF)