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Know where to invest your money

Have real time insights in and control of your budget and spends and get significant increase in your ROI on promotions 💰

Have control on your spend, revenue and business commitments

Get control on promotional planning with a Gannt where you can easily see – and filter on – your promotions.

Get control over your spend and revenue with your up to date budget tracker, and the ability to create and see in-market effects with our report and analytics.

Know instantly what is committed to the retailer by filtering on the status of promotions in the Gantt.

Get real time insights in ROI

Directly see ROI impact for your business with real time ROI on individual promotion level by our traffic light classification.

Instant insight in ROI on aggregated level through our reports and analytics.

Easily manage your business with clear authorizations and approval workflows

Manage your business through a SoX compliant approval workflow based on your business rules. Relevant promotions will automatically be send to the responsible manager for approval.

Easily manage the authorization of your team members through your configuration screens. Here you can easily create and edit users, and give them authorization for specific tasks.

Easily see who made changes in what status with your live logbook. With instant insights in who created, changed or approved a promotion, the logbook completes the SoX compliancy even for promotions where no approval is needed.


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