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Get promotions done in minutes

Increase your work efficiency and shift from operational to more strategic tasks ⌛

Spend significant less time on your promotional process

Easily create your year plan with the mass copy option. Have insights in your selected promotions, including the impacts on budgets.

Direct insight in both (expected) manufacturer and retailer impact with your integrated retailer and manufacturer impact screens.

Get direct approval for your promotions through mobile devices (email) based on your business rules.

Automatic communication on promotional changes to relevant stakeholders and systems. By using the promotion workflow, new promotions and changes to promotions are automatically communicated to all relevant stakeholders and systems. Approvers are automatically asked for an approval and ERP and planning systems are automatically feed with pricing and volume.

Get the best ROI possible


Get individual ROI indication at the moment of planning  with our live traffic lights, with volume prediction based on machine learning.

Get instant insights in promotional ROI on aggregated level by using our dynamic Reports & Analytics module. Know which customers, categories and brands give the best ROI.

Manage your year plan & budget with insights in competitor activities

Know where you stand in your promotional year with the dynamic Gannt chart where you can easily see week numbers,  actual & planned activities.

Always know your budget & spend. Our live budget tracker allows you to maximize the effect of your promotional budget by showing the planned, actual and committed spend, and also the related incremental profit.

Get a direct overview of your competitors previous and expected activities with our advanced options in the Gannt chart.


Easily plan promotions in just 1.5 minutes

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