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Get grip on the most disturbing factor in demand forecasting

Increase your forecast accuracy with our machine learning and baselines 🚚

Get significant better forecast accuracy on promotional level

Better estimation of volumes on Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level without being subject to human input or errors

Significant accurate promotional volume prediction through machine learning

Instant insight in promotional impact on total ex-factory volumes with your logistic screen showing your total promotional volume, phasing over weeks and dip after the promotions

Increase forecast accuracy on baseline level

Significant better forecast accuracy with our benchmark for your own baselines

Stable external baselines based on our calculation

Full integration of internal and external data sources

Align easily with commercial team

There is only one version of the truth in the Trade Promotion Master tool, with an automatic translation from commercial volumes (in-market) to demand planning volumes (ex-factory)

Know what is happening and work with all stakeholders in one platform

Interested to see how we can improve your trade promotions?