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Jack Links + Visualfabriq

How Jack Link’s Beefs up Growth with Industry-Leading RGM

An audience of more than 300 CPG professionals recently tuned into the Visualfabriq-sponsored Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) webinar featuring the RGM journey of our change maker client Jack Link’s, presented by Finance Director Adam Smith.

Revenue Growth Management is seen as key in growing CPG companies. But how do you develop industry-leading RGM and TPO capabilities? How would you plan your growth path? What challenges can you expect? And how do you overcome these?

How Jack Link’s Beefs up Growth with Industry-Leading RGM and TPO Capabilities

Jack Links is the leading protein snack company in the US, and Adam is part of the leadership team currently driving that same ambition across the EMEA region. As a frontrunner in developing RGM capabilities, Adam shared Jack Links’ goals and how they got started on the journey with Visualfabriq. Attendees got insights into how Jack Links prioritized strong foundational data; a single disciplined planning process; automated evaluation and commercial execution.

The webinar was hosted by POI’s CEO and founder, Michael Kantor, and also featured Wouter van den Berg, Visualfabriq’s Customer Engagement Director. At the Q&A session, the audience presented Adam and Wouter with their burning questions.


Adam Smith – Finance Director at Jack Link’s EMEA
Finance Professional with 16 years’ experience in CPG (Diageo, Jack Link’s) across a wide range of Financial and Strategic areas. Through his career, Adam has been part of successful business unit leadership teams, global functions, and led global transformation projects and strategic partnership projects. Adam’s specialty is bringing simplicity to complex subjects while helping the business stay focused on value and growth. His recent success is developing industry leading Revenue Management and Trade Promotion Optimization capabilities in Europe.

Michael Kantor – CEO and founder at POI Institute
Mike has spent his career creating retail and brand price/promotion optimization programs, and analytics that drive improved loyalty and profits. He is the visionary for Collaborative Marketing, who has created and is executing with a brilliant, committed group of retail, CPG, and academic leaders the Certified Collaborative Marketer (CCM)™ curriculum and certification for how to collaborate with trading partners. He continuously produces the best industry events on marketing effectiveness and collaborative price/promotion optimization around the globe.

Wouter van den Berg – Customer Engagement Director at Visualfabriq
Customer Engagement expert with over 15 years’ experience in account management, trade marketing and business development at CPG companies like Sara Lee, MondelÄ“z and Nestlé.

Significantly improved Revenue Growth Management for Maxxium, implementing the AI enhanced Visualfabriq solution. Using his experience on the client side to make sure that Visualfabriq’s customers get maximum value out of the platform.

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