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L’Oréal + Visualfabriq

How L’Oréal Leverages AI to Structurally Improve ROI

AI. What can it do for CPG companies? How do you get started? Where do you go to? These are some of the burning questions the CPG industry has at this time when it is challenged like never before to get fit for the future.

In search of answers and solutions, hundreds of CPG professionals registered for a POI webcast, sponsored by Visualfabriq and featuring Oskar Toerneld, the AVP of Revenue Growth Management at L’Oréal USA.

Oskar is a seasoned revenue management leader and thought leader in Advanced Analytics who is currently working closely with the Visualfabriq team in the implementation of our applied AI-driven RGM platform and solutions.

Oskar shared valuable learnings gained so far from L’Oréal USA’s trailblazing AI journey and highlighted critical success factors in choosing the right applied AI solution, which includes building a long-term, trusted partnership with a provider that the company can partner with to solve problems in ways that foster much higher levels of transparency and accessibility within the organization.

The one-hour webcast also included incisive contributions by POI’s Chief Commercial Officer, Pam Brown and Gerard de Bruijn, Visualfabriq Project Manager for L’Oréal.

In her State of the Industry address, Pam highlighted the increasing interest and investment in AI and machine learning solutions that can bring CPG companies into a new era. Critical to successful Revenue Growth Management (RGM) is the company’s effectiveness at collaborating across teams and departments, as well as the reality of having One Version of the Truth.

In his presentation of Visualfabriq’s experience of working with L’Oréal USA, Gerard not only demonstrated the tangible cost and time-saving business results that are delivered but also presented the transformative organizational experience of becoming AI-powered.

POI host, CEO and founder, Michael Kantor facilitated an enlightening Q&A session where participants had the opportunity to deep-dive into the thought leadership and hands-on experience of the presenters.

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