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Visualfabriq - What's in the name?

Interestingly, we get a lot of people asking us how we came up with the name Visualfabriq. 
Back in the days when Jaco and Carst were conceptualising the business, the founders wanted to use words
that conveyed the deeper meaning of how Visualfabriq helps our customers.



A significant characteristic of the Visualfabriq platform and tools, such as Trade Promotion Master™,
is that we truly process and unlock vast amounts of data for our clients – all their trade promotion data.
There are others who say they can do this, but actually don’t.  We do, and we also do it incredibly fast
using the latest AI and demand-sensing tech.  This ability is how we can help our customers’ sales professionals
to unleash their excellence.  But unlocking massive data only becomes properly effective if the insights are
presented in the most easy to understand and useful way.  So, we made an exceptional effort when it came to
the visual presentation of our tools, and that’s why the word ‘visual’ is key to our name.


‘fabriq’ could be interpreted as ‘factory’, but in fact, we had ‘fabric’ in our minds.  In the development
of our tools we have focused on weaving data in the most coherent ways.  We help our customers by enabling
them to quickly and easily get the real picture of what is happening with their trade promotions because their
data is woven into a clearly visible fabric of patterns, trends and visualisations that are accurate and
easy to comprehend. So, Big Data that was once so incomprehensible, elusive and hidden has now been
woven into an attractive, comprehensive ‘fabric’ of meaningful insights that empower sales professionals to
make far better decisions at every point of a trade promotion management and optimisation process.

You get the picture…