At Visualfabriq we believe 'Unleash your excellence' should not only apply to our customers but to society in general. And most importantly to those that need it most.


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We are proud to be part of the Net4Kids community. We made a commitment for our company to contribute to the vision and mission of Net4Kids. Net4Kids wants to give underprivileged children the opportunity to unleash their potential, to grow as a person and get ready for a self-sustainable and economically independent life. We want to unleash their excellence, and we are proud that we can help them!


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Responsible life.

In this booklet we explain how we started, what we do and why, and how our work with Net4Kids fits into our company DNA.

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As an business we are proud partner with non-profit organizations that share the same vision and mission of developing lives. We have seen confidence, peace and hope in people being restored through helping them with food- and Covid-19 protection parcels.

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At the school of Nepal Matri Griha in Kathmandu, children receive a good education from kindergarten to grade 5 and there is a lot of attention paid to their personal development and home situation.

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It might seem an unlikely connection, but recently 13 unemployed (yet highly motivated) young South Africans from a poverty-stricken Johannesburg township called Diepsloot managed to finish our virtual learning session '#unleashingexcellence'. What a joy!

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"We live in a world characterized by spiritual poverty. We learn from the South African youth! Their resilience, love, hope, and trust are an example for me. It makes me feel humble."

"In corporate life so many people hide who they are. My mentee in South Africa does not hide, and he teaches me not to hide. That's quite liberating."