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The retail playbook: How CPGs can turn promotions into in-store activation triumphs

Looking to elevate your CPG promotional game to the next level? If you’re a commercial or RGM leader, this is the webinar you can’t afford to miss! We’re diving into the nitty-gritty of promotions, waving goodbye to the old-school and saying hello to dynamic in-store activations that deliver.

What’s on the agenda?

  • FWB challenges – What’s the big deal? Get the lowdown on FWB and arm yourself with strategies to keep your producer interests safe and sound.
  • Sell-In vs. Sell-Out –  Understanding the Consumers and retailers perspective
  • Forecasting Sales Volume – Got it nailed? Get insights on syncing Sell-In and Sell-Out to predict sales volumes like a pro.
  • FWB got you down? We’ve got your back with cutting-edge strategies and tools to turn the tide on FWB’s tricky waters.
  • FWB scenarios unpacked: Whether it’s pre-promotion, in-promotion, or post-promotion, we’re guiding you through FWB’s maze with practical tips.
  • FWB analysis – your secret weapon: Unearth the gold in your promotion cycles with our deep-dive FWB analysis for growth and profit that sticks.


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BPX – Davi
Daniel Giliciński
Revenue Growth Management Functional Lead at BPX
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Director of Product Marketing at Visualfabriq

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