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Gaining Ground in Gartner’s Hype Cycle

Visualfabriq features in Gartner’s July Hype Cycle:

When it comes to presenting IT research, analysis and advice to top business decision-makers, Gartner is widely recognised as a world leader; and so, it’s not surprising that most of visualfabriq’s existing and prospective CPG clients are their clients too.

In the vast and overcrowded software market, it is a significant challenge to stand out; and building an authentic relationship with Gartner, as well as other reputable, independent influencers, is critical to a company’s success.  So, it’s a milestone for visualfabriq to be featured as one of a handful of sample vendors in the latest Gartner Hype Cycle on Trade Promotion Optimisation (TPO), which was published in July.

Gartner’s Hype Cycle research methodology helps clients to go beyond the hype-filled promises of new technologies to properly assess what is relevant and commercially viable for them as a solution.

“It is fantastic to see visualfabriq featured as a sample vendor in the midst some huge competitors.  We’re delighted to receive that recognition from Gartner as objective and independent analysts.  But that is not the only thing that pleases us about this particular Hype Cycle report,” says visualfabriq CEO, Jaco Brussé, “We have been engaging with Gartner since last year, not just to bring our Trade Promotion Master™ tool to their attention, but also to share our unique vision and understanding of what CPG companies really need from their TPO solutions.  What is really good to see is that report picks up on some of our most important messages when it comes to prioritising data integration, change management and advanced analytics.”

The report is straightforward in its assertion that:

  • ‘TPO is not just an IT project or must-have application, it is a fundamental change in the way promotions are planned and evaluated.’
  • ‘Scrub the data. The task of data cleanliness and integration is daunting, however essential.’
  • ‘Embracing advanced analytics can change promotion effectiveness by driving targeted outcomes versus traditional mass promotions based on holidays, weather, or season. Coupled with retail execution intelligence, CG manufacturing companies have the opportunity to significantly extend their visibility into the activities of both the retailer and consumer.’

Over the past fifteen years, TPO solutions have fallen completely short of empowering CPG companies to radically improve the returns on their TP investments.  visualfabriq aims to close that yawning gap with Trade Promotion Master™, a SaaS, cloud-based tool that truly enables sales professionals to unleash their excellence.