Visualfabriq featured in latest Gartner’s IT Market Clock for Supply Chain Planning

With Visualfabriq’s Trade Promotion Master™ now implemented at leading CPG companies across three continents, 2019 has been the year of rolling out the next solution on our AI driven Strategic Revenue Management platform, Demand Forecast Master™.

We are delighted that after just five fully operational months, Visualfabriq’s solution has been featured in the latest Gartner IT Market Clock for Supply Chain Planning published in June 2019. In the research findings, Visualfabriq has been featured as a sample vendor when it comes to demand signal management.

Visualfabriq’s Head of AI, Christian de Heij noted that: “This is a very impressive recognition by one of the world’s major independent industry analysts for our radically different approach to demand planning where the latest tech is harnessed to deliver advanced capabilities powered by AI and machine learning.”

Christian de Heij

“Our solution which seamlessly integrates multiple data sources offers a much simpler interface and empowers Demand Planners to achieve touchless planning. It also achieves the much-talked about necessity of completely transforming the outdated silo mind-set by uniting the CPG organisation through one version of truth.”

In its key findings, the Gartner report noted that CPG companies are increasingly shifting away from traditionally owned and maintained SCP solutions that are so costly and inflexible. They are looking instead to the far more agile, better and cheaper solutions offered by advanced tech, cloud-based, SaaS vendors, such as Visualfabriq, who is also a recognised frontrunner in AI.

While AI was not yet a stand-alone feature on this year’s Gartner IT Clock, another key finding of their researchers is that: ‘Organizations of end users continue to seek differentiating and innovative functionality on their pathway to digital innovation and optimization, and are leveraging capabilities for enhanced, smart and automated decision making.’. Applied AI and machine learning are the tech that can deliver this for CPG companies.

“We are delighted to have been mentioned in the Gartner report for the first time,” says Christian. “Because we built our platform from the start with applied AI and machine learning, Visualfabriq has the most experience of implementing AI-driven solutions which radically improve Strategic Revenue Management for the forward-thinking CPG companies across the world.”

Demand Forecast Master™ provides a consumption-based forecast on the commercial level. It is an all-in-one solution for accurately predicting and simply managing future demand for organisations, their products and innovations. It allows the automation of creating reasonable, accurate forecasts which combine both internal and external data sources to understand trends with leading machine learning methods.

What this means for Demand Planners is that 80% of the baseline planning is automated, freeing them to unleash their expertise and excellence in overseeing and guiding the machine by managing the exceptions.

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