Yes, we are officially ‘A Great Place to Work’.

Great Place to Work

After a survey and a cultural audit by the GPTW foundation, Visualfabriq has received the certificate ‘Great Place to Work, March 2021 – March 2022’.

It means that we comply with all the things that we consider so important and that we continuously strive for.

As the GPTW-foundation puts it: “Within a Great Place To Work For All, communication is transparent, all employees feel valued, decisions are not only taken top-down, cooperation between colleagues runs smoothly, people get energy from their work and goals are achieved.”

It matches everything we want: we want to maximize our added value to our customers. Ensure that happiness and confidence of our people are paramount.

We want to practice what we preach, transparent in the way we communicate.

We are always open to improve the way we do things by actively ask for feedback, both from our customers as from our colleagues.

We want to work together in an inclusive and safe working environment, where there is every opportunity to grow and develop.

Based on our focus on corporate social responsibility, we support and work closely with Net4Kids to help underprivileged children outside our company.

The fact that all of this is recognized and acknowledged, both by our employees and by the foundation, makes us proud. And we don’t stop. Every day we try to make it a little bit better.