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Why visualfabriq sponsors the Dutch Food congress 2015

Let’s be honest, the answer to why we sponsor the Dutch Food congress 2015 can be very short: because we want attention of course. Like every brand that sponsors something.

But this year it seems there is another very good reason. Look at the theme of the congress: “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. These words stand for the mood of a lot of retail and FMCG-professionals these days. In this complex world it’s harder to make the best decisions. You might say: why? They have access to a huge amount of data. They should know everything! They should be able to make only the best decisions in a wink of an eye. Well eh, they can’t.

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Although most professionals have access to a lot of data, this data are most of the time not useable in the best possible way, because not integrated, not structured, not transformed into objective insights, static, out dated, expensive to get. Also: the tools and consultants in the market seem expensive enough to be good, but frankly: they aren’t. Still, professionals are dependent too much on subjective opinions, a thought, a guess, on ‘I think this might be the best answer, but I don’t know for sure and the data I have don’t tell me the all truth.’ Do you realize how expensive that is? And when the answer is wrong, how much money you throw away? It causes blood, sweat and tears. And that’s where we come up. Because it’s so unnecessary! It’s 2015!! Stop the blood, forget about the sweat, dry the tears. Unleash your excellence with our game changing SaaS solutions: Trade Promotion Master and Retail & Shopper Insights! Finally you can make the best decisions, without being dependent on others anymore. Happiness is easy. It’s at your fingertips.

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