Webinar: Holistic Pricing in CPG – How to negotiate better and close stronger deals

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What does your organization need to implement real holistic pricing? Can holistic pricing change the dynamic between CPG and retailers?  

The current turbulence in the market forces organizations to take a critical look at their business. What’s the best way to remain profitable? Increase prices – again -, drastically adapt contractual trade spend or adapt promotional strategies?  Holistic Pricing is a practice that takes in all these options and helps you figure out the way forward for your organization. 🚀

During this webinar, Danielle van der Ende, our Product Marketing Director, will discuss Holistic Pricing in CPG, and how to negotiate better and close stronger deals.  

What will you learn in 45 minutes? 💡

  • Holistic pricing: what is it and how to use the gross to net   
  • Benefits of fact-based negotiations and how it boosts trade relations 
  • What does your organization need to implement real holistic pricing? 
  • Learn the capabilities on pricing of Modern integrated platforms 

Who should watch? 📌

  • Sales Director, and Sales managers who want to improve their negotiations
  • Commercial controller and business co-pilots
  • Revenue Growth managers looking to take a deeper dive into Holistic pricing

Your speaker: ⚡️

Danielle van der Ende, is a Product Marketing Director at Visualfabriq with 10 years of experience in the CPG industry. 

She is now on a mission: to revolutionize data-driven decision-making in CPG companies. Whilst solutions are best for modeling, predicting, and repetitive tasks, Daniëlle believes people should be changemakers, building business relationships and driving innovation.