Visualfabriq Hosts Successful Inspiration Session South Africa

Reimagining and radically improving trade promotion in South Africa

Visualfabriq proudly hosted our first Inspiration Session on the African continent, held in Sandton, Johannesburg. The breakfast event on the 28th of November of 2018 was well-attended and brought together FMCG professionals, business leaders and innovators.

Our global HQ thought leaders as well as industry leaders from Tiger Brands shared the inspiring new realities of planning, managing, optimising trade promotions and the new direction for FMCG.

“It was a great opportunity for visualfabriq’s thought leaders to share our game-changing approach with the representatives of some of South Africa’s major FMCG companies,” says Tremayne Linder, Visualfabriq’s Customer Success Manager, who is based in Johannesburg and was the organiser of the event.

Marc Eyres - South Africa
Joris Monchen - South Africa
Jaco Brussé - South Africa

Speakers at the event

Visualfabriq CEO and co-founder, Jaco Brussé made the case for South African FMCG companies to become future-fit by harnessing the power of their data and embracing applied AI and machine learning. He pointed out that it is these technologies that enable the sales professional to properly evaluate all possible options for return on investment on each and every promotion.

Jaco Brussé

Predictive models and data-driven insights empower FMCG companies to collaborate more effectively with retailers and deliver winning promotions that drive actual business growth. For visualfabriq clients, 80% of the work of planning a trade promotion is automated which dramatically improves workforce efficiencies.

South African FMCG giant, Tiger Brands was one of Visualfabriq’s early clients, and it was a privilege to have their Chief Customer Officer, Marc Eyres give a clear and direct presentation on why his team selected Visualfabriq and to share some of their experiences.

Marc Eyres

“We are really grateful to Marc and the Tiger Brand’s team for participating in the Inspiration Session,” says Tremayne. “Hearing about an actual user experience and being able to engage with the team around this certainly added great value for the participants.”

With experience across international markets, Joris Monchen, Visualfabriq’s Customer Success Director shared the high-level, strategic approach that we take to transforming TPX and helping FMCG companies to radically improve their revenue management.

Joris Monchen

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