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Introducing visualfabriq Customer Captain, Joris Monchen

One of the great things about being a start-up that is moving up is that exciting things happen to us often.  At this time, we are relishing stunning new configurations of our primary SaaS solution, Trade Promotion Master™; and, of course, it is thrilling when we go into business with new clients who welcome the value that visualfabriq is bringing to the global FMCG market.

But another important source of delight for us is the growth of our core team.  At the beginning of this year, business development expert in the FMCG market, Joris Monchen joined the budding visualfabriq team as our Customer Captain.  For visualfabriq co-founders, Jaco Brussé and Carst Vaartjes this is a ‘homecoming’ of sorts, as they’ve known and worked successfully with Joris over the past fifteen years.  Likeminded to a tee, Joris has seamlessly taken his place on the inside tracks of visualfabriq.  “He’s experienced what we have experienced.  He believes what we believe,” Jaco sums it up.

As Customer Captain, it’s Joris’s area of expertise to help customers realize the full potential of visualfabriq’s Trade Promotion Master™, a ground-breaking SaaS solution that unlocks insights from big Trade Promotion data better and faster to unleash the excellence of sales professionals.

“There’s an important change management process that accompanies the implementation of Trade Promotion Master™, and this is where my interest and expertise lie,” says Joris.  “It’s a game-changing solution that enables salespeople to manage trade promotions more effectively and more profitably, and that means that salespeople need to also look at trade promotions differently.”

Joris points out that in past decades where the lack of real-time information during the life of a trade promotion resulted in guesswork with sales teams typically focused on sales volume as the measure of effectiveness.  But volumes don’t necessarily mean profits, and Trade Promotion Master™ has changed all of that by providing real-time insights that enable salespeople to effectively plan, manage, track and evaluate trade promotions based on realising profits.  That’s a huge boost to the business, but it can hit at the heart of the salesperson who has long measured their effectiveness in volume.  As with any other disruption to the status quo, change management is necessary to ensure that each customer gets the best out the Trade Promotion Master™ solution.

With a successful twenty-year career in the FMCG industry, Joris thrives as the ideal home-grown change agent. “He brings deep, relevant knowledge and experience to visualfabriq,” says Jaco, “Joris’s appointment once again highlights that we are not a group of techies thinking about what the FMCG industry needs, but that we are, in essence, FMCG sales specialists who are embracing the available technology to improve the professional practice of our industry.”

Joris is married with two children.  He is an active sailor, and when he’s not out on the waters, he’s at home, happily immersed in DIY and home re-building projects.