Is Your CPG Company Fit for the Post-Covid-19 Future?

– Visualfabriq CEO, Jaco Brussé on attitudes and actions for CPG companies aiming to get out stronger –

It’s not possible to know the shape of the world after Covid-19, but the global pandemic has only served to emphasize the importance of having a strong, agile and flexible organisation.

“For all the ongoing uncertainties, one thing we can feel pretty sure of is that there won’t be any reset to ‘normal’,” Brussé says. “Covid has accelerated the inclusion of solutions that are now part of working life.

Just to survive the heavy regulations, companies have had to organise their business from a remote perspective.

Jaco Brussé

Working from everywhere has made its impact on efficiencies, team communications, client engagement, organisational culture and so much more.”

Tech, the great enabler

“The pandemic has challenged so many of our business conventions,” says Brussé. “Meeting face to face has been the prerequisite for starting something new, reviewing what we’ve done and getting the next thing off the ground.

Covid-19 has shown us that so much of our commuting and travelling; the time and the costs it takes for us to get in the same room together is not necessary. Because we have a 100% SaaS solution based on latest technologies, Visualfabriq has actually accelerated our global implementations over these pandemic months. That’s how powerful working from everywhere can be.

Whether it’s the business or education sector, it is tech that has enabled continuity during Covid-19. Those companies and institutions with the latest tech, have been more pandemic-proof.

This should give companies who are not yet investing substantially in the latest that technology has to offer, big pause for thought.

It is tech that has enabled continuity during Covid-19

Companies who have put their tech investments on hold because of the pandemic, should really think twice about that.

There has been a massive opportunity to facilitate the digitisation of work processes that enables an organisation to be more resilient and more agile because it becomes process-led and less dependent on individuals.

CPG businesses that have frozen in the headlights of Covid-19 will only find themselves further behind their competition in the post pandemic future.”

Always on the move

“It’s leadership that will determine if their CPG companies get out stronger and are fit for the future,” Brussé says. “If you don’t make any moves, the business will stand still while everything else moves on. Some companies have turned to cost-cutting. Well, that’s not the answer.

A traditional mind-set, digging into the same-old playbook, relying on legacy solutions; these are the ways to lose your competitive edge. There’s been a big change and there’s a new reality.

Leaders should be inspiring, directing and facilitating their people to keep moving, like sharks do. Everyone in the business needs to understand the moon-shot.

Leaders should be inspiring, directing and facilitating their people to keep moving

Questions need to be asked. How do we think and act differently? What can we accelerate during the crisis? How do we get further away from volume-thinking and closer to value-thinking? How can we leverage tech to move faster? How do we get the right people doing the right things?

Sustainability, higher ROI and getting out stronger are in the answers to questions like this.”

Silver linings

They say that even in the worst of circumstances, you can always find a silver lining. “It’s comes down to positive attitude,” concludes Brussé. “Crisis is terrible, yes. It is also a huge opportunity for change.

How you choose to change is up to each one of us. You can make changes that accelerate or brake. Nothing happens when you brake, except that others pass you by.

If you keep moving, you’ll go through adaptions, upskilling and learning. That’s what makes you fit for any future!