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A true SaaS, single platform solution for Revenue Forecasting and Optimization

In today’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, the selection of the right business solutions is a key factor for success. IT leaders want to enable organisations to succeed. Servicing commercial teams with the right revenue growth management software increases efficiency and effectiveness.

Besides enabling crucial business processes, the right software reduces workload for IT departments. Visualfabriq’s software provides a native SaaS solution. It delivers the latest features without effort upon release, whilst always providing ultimate scalability.

With Visualfabriq you get:

  • A single platform for all business processes from strategic planning to operational execution
  • 100% True SaaS: always the latest and greatest version of the codebase
  • Guaranteed scalability with all data available to unlimited users
  • Codeless configuration
  • The peace of mind of a proven global provider trusted by tier one CPG’s

As single platform software, Visualfabriq uses a centralized data integration framework. All features are enabled and disabled in the same platform through configuration. Data is protected through top class security. User access management is simple, based on user roles and fully audit proof. Compliance is supported by the security procedures in place.


Our certifications

At Visualfabriq the security of client’s data is paramount. Therefore, Visualfabriq is fully certified under the following certifications:


ISO/IEC 27001:2013

SOC 1 Type II

SOC 2 Type II

Who can Benefit?

  • True SaaS cloud-based solution, always the latest version of codebase.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities help your organization stay future ready.
  • Improve administrative and operational efficiency with a single platform.
IT Manager
  • Integrate disparate systems and reduce administrative overhead.
  • Support the commercial organisation with a platform that drives one version of the truth.
  • Advance the company’s capabilities with a true SaaS cloud-based solution.

Trusted by the top of CPG companies.

We work with the top of the CPG industry.

Group 1053
Group 1052

Connect all available data sources into one platform. Get one reliable source of truth.

For an IT leader in the CPG industry, it is key to enable the CPG organisation to succeed. Too often organisations lack tools that deliver automated integration, adding administrative and operational burdens. Visualfabriq reduces the hassle by delivering CPG business solutions that integrate all data sources available in your organisation.


Visualfabriq makes the transition from on-premise solutions and spreadsheets to an end-to-end SaaS solution simple. With it’s SaaS solution, you can leave behind the error-prone, fixed releases of legacy tools – which often take months to fix. Visualfabriq provides new releases bi-weekly. The software is always on top of the technology curve.


Visualfabriq was born specifically to tackle these challenges. It helps its clients like Mars, Unilever, Heineken and others perform and compete at the highest level.



Visualfabriq solution for CPG organisations .

Rely on a safe, compliant global class vendor trusted by tier 1 brands.

Visualfabriq has a proven standard in data security. Certification and best practices are in place and audited regularly.



Roll-out the latest CPG capabilities, all deployed centrally from Visualfabriq.

No more manual maintenance nor updates. Visualfabriq delivers regular updates to all clients. There’s no legacy – even the oldest client of the company uses the latest capabilities.


Reduce administrative burdens with a rue SaaS and cloud-based solution.

Full integration of data to the platform, using Visualfabriq’s data integration solution Bifrost. It enables users to manage the data delivered and extracted from the platform.



“You need a system that can evolve with the changing needs of the organization over time, Visualfabriq has such a system.”

VP Revenue Growth Management | Global Personal Care Company