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Visualfabriq recognized as Best-in-Class in a record of Five POI Categories

Visualfabriq – POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2019.

Visualfabriq was one of 16 vendors evaluated by POI (the Promotion Optimization Institute) for its 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama report. The annual publication assists CPG leaders with its independent analysis of TPx solution providers which POI recognizes as effective in helping companies meet the challenges of shifting industry paradigms.

In 2019, Visualfabriq achieved five Best-in-Class distinctions from POI for:

  • Financial Orientation and Simulation
  • Analytics Visualization
  • TPO Ergonomics
  • Data Management
  • Artificial Intelligence (a new category in 2019)

“We are extremely pleased at this very strong showing for Visualfabriq, as we are still a relatively young company in the field,” says CEO and Co-founder Jaco Brussé“We’re proud to again take our place amongst esteemed companies, and to be fully recognized as a leader in driving change and delivering value to the CPG industry.” – Jaco Brusse

POI analysts have recognized Visualfabriq for vision and passion which are rooted in deep CPG industry experience. The Visualfabriq platform and Revenue Growth Management solutions have been uniquely designed and developed to provide CPG companies with the tools we wanted in our own hands when we were CPG professionals needing to unlock the power of data.

At a time, when CPG leaders are grappling seriously with the challenges of holistic business planning, Visualfabriq is a frontrunner in bringing RGM solutions powered by applied AI to the market:

“Visualfabriq planning and analytics is a full suite of Revenue Management capabilities with the power of applied AI, which enables holistic planning (TPM/TPO/ROI in the moment of planning). POI rates visualfabriq Analytics as Above Average.”
– 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama report –

“We are delighted to see POI moving with the times and creating a new Best-in-Class category for AI in 2019,” Jaco says. “For too long, the CPG industry has lagged behind in its uptake of new technologies. The visionary clients we work with are the brave-hearts of the industry who have already undertaken the AI journeyToday, they are the ones who can accomplish 80% of their TPM planning with zero touch.”

In 2019, Visualfabriq rolled out its full suite of solutions:

“Revenue planning is delivered holistically and simply through the three modules [Demand Forecast (DFM), Trade Promotion (TPM), and Trade Spend (TSM)] on one platform, closing the entire S&OP planning loop. POI rates visualfabriq UX as Above Average on the strength of the ergonomics and numerous profitability management and innovative AI trade capabilities.”
– 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama report –

POI has pointed out that clean, well-managed data is foundational to enabling a single organisation-wide version of the truth, holistic business planning and revenue growth practices. Yet, worldwide, many CPG companies are hampered by inabilities to harness their data:

“Visualfabriq is resonating with client needs to unlock their data sources, generate relevant insights, and empower their teams to make better/faster decisions – at a lower cost of ownership.”
– 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama report –

Questions around the scalability of TPx vendors are typically high on the agenda of global CPG companies. POI had this to say about Visualfabriq:

“Very positive growth trend and a strong roadmap going forward. Investments in people and product have been steady. The company has consistently been able to win deals with companies across the 3-tier structure.”
– 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama report –