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Visualfabriq Announces Latin American Partnership with Strategic Solutions

It’s been a year of incredible growth for Visualfabriq as our game-changing revenue management solution is increasingly recognised across global markets as the way for CPG companies to become fit for the future. In August, we opened our first office in the Americas in New York City and began implementing our solution for a major US CPG company.

Now with a second US client on board, and in response to customer demand for us to be able to roll-out our solution to their operations in other markets, we have formed a key local partnership in Latin America.

“We are delighted to announce that we are teaming up with Strategic Solutions based in Mexico City,” says Visualfabriq’s International Sales Manager, Santiago Navarro.

“With a population of almost 130 million people, Mexico is a huge market, and working together with a local partner will see us make great strides in Latin America. It is critical for us to be able to tap into local expertise, experience and networks, and we believe we have found the right partner who is passionate about bringing our solution to Latin American CPG companies.”

CEO of Strategic Solutions, Manuel Rodriguez enjoyed a long and successful career in the CPG industry, launching McDonald’s in Mexico and Latin America before working in the USA for a major dairy company. On his return to Mexico he worked for multinational retailer Carrefour and then spent 12 years in marketing and sales for Pepsico. Starting up Strategic Solutions in Mexico City was a return to Manuel’s entrepreneurial flair.

“This is something I share with Visualfabriq,” Manuel says. “We were looking for answers, and no amount of time and money was delivering those answers. Every CPG company had tonnes and tonnes of data just sitting there and no one was doing anything with it. Our vision was to implement processes to cleanse, normalise, customise, integrate and optimise data, so that it can be translated into information our clients can use to be more profitable.”

“We have been looking out for a revenue management solution that we could recommend to our clients, so we are very excited and passionate about the exceptional solution Visualfabriq brings to our market.”

The Mexican market is both complex and interesting. A growing middle class increasingly embraces the consumer lifestyle, and according to a McKinsey insights report Mexicans are notably more brand loyal than their US counterparts.

Santiago says, “Major multinational companies and global brands are huge in the country, but due to the sheer enormity of the market, some of the giant CPG companies are home-grown, and many of the biggest brands in the country are consequently all-Mexican. There is incredible potential for Visualfabriq with its infinitely scalable, AI-driven, SaaS platform. As a developing market, CPG companies are open to game-changing solutions that are quicker and easier to implement, and more affordable than the typical legacy solutions.”

Visualfabriq and Strategic Solutions will be working closely together in the upcoming months to build capacity, recruit and train so that the team in Mexico City is all set to start implementations according to Visualfabriq’s proven blueprint.

“It’s all very exciting!” Manuel says. “The partnership brings together like minds and a shared vision for the CPG industry in Latin American. We believe the market is more than ready. We already have customers who have been searching for a new generation revenue management solution, and the field is wide open and warm to us.”

Santiago who will be travelling in the New Year to share expertise with the Mexican team concludes: “We love the passion Strategic Solutions has for Visualfabriq, and we look forward to working closely with our partner in 2019 to help Mexican CPG companies reimagine and revolutionise their revenue management.”

“It’s important to our customers that we have a footprint in Latin America, and we’re ending this year on a high note by taking the first steps hand in hand with a strong local partner.”