Looking back at an exciting POI Mid-Winter Virtual Summit

Visualfabriq, POI Mid-Winter Engagement Summit – February 24, 2021. 

As sponsor and participant, we are looking back at another exciting POI Virtual Summit, where the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) brought together CPG leaders and tech enablers that are transforming the industry, to share insights and learnings on the journey.

With the theme Optimizing Growth in the New Reality through Planning, Execution, RGM and Advanced Analytics Excellence, #PoiGlobalVirtual2021 offered the opportunity to gain critical insights and actionable advice. The introduction of the brand new virtual engagement platform really took learning and live networking to a new level.

One of our highlights was the presentation of Mars, sharing their exciting journey from top-down TPM Program to User Centric SRM – A Step Change to Exceptional Value Creation.

The Mars Team showed how their are successfully working through a step change in SRM capabilities, taking a user centric approach (versus traditional top down) to understand the challenges each market faces, layering in speed and agility to unlock capabilities.

Visualfabriq’s Product Director, Daniëlle van der Ende presented an inspiring Deep Dive Engagement Workshop: Moving Beyond Promotions Analysis to a Complete Revenue Management Capability, joined by co-presenter Armin Kakas, VP of Advanced Analytics Commercialization at American Tire Distributors and Carst Vaartjes, Chief Technology at Visualfabriq.

In a dynamic interactive virtual session, participants learned and discussed topics like:
– Organizational buy-in
– Team construction and governance
– Analytics evolution (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
– Key performance indicators
– Getting consistent buy-in from cross-functional teams (including sales)

Daniëlle van der Ende

Attendees gained candid insights into proven strategies for achieving consistent organisation-wide buy-in, putting together their teams and project governance, and understanding the evolution of advanced analytics and the key performance indicators.

This awareness of how to drive RGM in innovative ways will empower CPG companies to successfully accelerate their adoption of latest technologies, and finally resolve intractable business challenges are holding them back.

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