Visualfabriq talks enabling technologies at the POI Global Virtual Summit

Visualfabriq – POI Global Virtual Summit. 

We are looking back at an inspiring 2020 POI Global Virtual Summit that took place on September 22, where the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) brought CPG companies and tech enablers together, to share insights and learnings on the journey.

This first of its kind global virtual summit delivered strategies and tactics specific to European, Asia-Pacific, US, Canadian, and LatAm markets.

With the theme Omni Channel and RGM Strategies to Lead in the New Digital Age for Optimal Customer Experience and Trade Partner Success, #PoiGlobalVirtual2020 emphasized how critical it is for CPG companies to accelerate momentum in their adoption of latest technologies to solve long-standing business challenges and drive revenue growth in innovative ways.

A Global Fireside Chat on Cool Enabling Technologies – Visualfabriq’s CEO Jaco Brussé was joined on a panel by Kyle Barz, Global Direct to Consumer Product Owner at Mars and Michael Marzano, Managing partner at Branded Aware to explore the promise of technology in solving issues and meeting unmet needs.

Jaco Brussé

As Jaco points out, “Technology is just the means to an ends, not an objective in itself. The focus needs to be on what kinds of capabilities do you need to digitalize your revenue growth management process? It starts with understanding your pain-points; knowing what your moon-shot is; having a vision for where you want to be in the future; and then technologies can come into play.”

Zero Touch Planning, How Machine Learning will Improve Your Life as a CPG Professional – Visualfabriq’s Chief of product Strategy, Carst Vaartjes, demystified AI and presented a framework that organizations can use to embed AI in their revenue growth management practices, while evolving your organization’s skill-sets over time. Showing that while CPG organizations may not always lead in true innovation, with Machine Learning they have overcome challenges in data and change management delivering significant returns.

Carst Vaartjes

How Jack Link’s Beefs up Growth with Industry Leading RGM and TPO Capabilities – Adam Smith, Finance Director of our valued client Jack Link’s shared their RGM goals and how they got started on the journey with Visualfabriq. Attendees got crystal clear insights into how Jack Links prioritized strong foundational data; a single disciplined planning process; automated evaluation and commercial execution.

Adam Smith

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