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Meet visualfabriq at 2019 POI Chicago (April 3-5)

As Frank Sinatra sings: “You’ll lose the blues in Chicago, Chicago…”.

With the 2019 POI (Promotion Optimisation Institute) Spring Summit happening at the JW Marriott in Chicago from the 3rd to the 5th of April, there’s an opportunity for this great city to work its eternal magic and help CG companies to finally lose their blues over TPM and put them on the road to winning at trade promotions.

Once again, visualfabriq is a proud sponsor of another top annual POI event that brings the industry together and puts principal thought leaders and latest advances in the spotlight. With the theme, ‘Perfect Promotion, Perfect Store, Perfect CX’, POI Chicago offers a packed agenda to share new knowledge, inspire trailblazing paths and support the much-needed CG industry growth.

Highlights on the 2019 agenda are AI, Revenue Growth Management and Revenue Optimisation,” says Santiago Navarro, visualfabriq’s International Sales Manager.

“We’re also delighted to see this year’s focus on Joint Business Planning which brings solutions to the fore, such as visualfabriq’s Trade Spend Master that empowers greater collaboration and includes price management and condition simulation; contract management; business planning and financial forecasting.”


Each year, we see AI gaining more and more traction on the POI agenda. CG companies’ uptake of applied AI solutions remains slight and conservative, but POI has become a fully-fledged proponent of investment in AI-driven solutions.

“visualfabriq is one of a very few offerings that has been utilizing AI since our inception,” says Santiago. “POI has long identified us an AI frontrunner, and by now we‘re clearly leading when it comes to proven experience and expertise in AI.”

At the 2019 POI Chicago Summit, visualfabriq’s Vice-President of Customer Success in the USA, Rahi Khandelwah will be co-leader of a workshop on best practices with tools and services to advance TPM and TPO.

Rahi will share straightforward lessons about identifying and applying business processes and new generation tech to drive value, and this will include applied AI, advanced analytics and Joint Business Planning.

In addition, visualfabriq CEO and co-founder, Jaco Brussé will be presenting a short, sharp, visionaryLightening Talk’ to chase away the TPM blues.

“The importance of events such as 2019 POI Chicago is that it gives us all a chance to raise our noses from the grindstone, and get refreshing new and updated perspectives,” says Santiago. “Solutions to the TPM and TPO blues already exist. The industry is not waiting for something they need. They need the chance to catch up with what’s already rolling out.”

Come and meet us at the 2019 POI Spring Summit in Chicago!

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