Meet us at POI Dallas 2019

Top US CPG companies are already at the new tech frontlines, and transforming into the AI-empowered leaders of the future. If you want to find out how they are doing this and take away insights and actionable plans, you will want to be at the upcoming POI Dallas Summit which will be held at The Westin Galleria in Dallas from the 6th to the 8th of November.

The event will take a deep dive into Collaborative Marketing Driven by Advanced Analytics and as an AI frontrunner currently on the AI journey with US CPG giants, Visualfabriq is delighted to be a sponsor and a participant.

It’s an opportunity for CPG companies, solutions providers and experts to come together to explore and understand the challenges of RGM and how relevant game-changing tech is to our industry.

A highlight of POI Dallas 2019 will be the workshop, Perfecting Data Management for the Data Driven Organization facilitated by Visualfabriq’s Global Customer Success Director, Joris Monchen. Data is foundational to ensure a return on advanced analytics and workshop participants will learn how cleansing and staging data is critical, as well as explore hands-on approaches to data cleansing and management to drive profitability.

Joris Monchen

We are also very excited that Visualfabriq client, Craig Eaton, Director of RGMOcean Spray will be a panellist for the keynote: Removing Barriers – Enabling Promotion Optimization for the Holistic Organization! A deep dive to discuss balancing promotional efficiency with all of the consequences ranging from ‘what we are aiming to achieve’ through to getting a return. You will gain unique insights into how CPG companies are approaching RGM and linking everything that they are doing with brand and sales.

In addition, Visualfabriq CEO and co-founder, Jaco Brussé will be presenting a short, sharp, visionary ‘Lightening Talk’ that provides valuable insights into why leading CPG companies across the world are increasingly embracing agile, AI-driven RGM solutions.

Jaco Brussé

Jaco says, “What’s important is to debunk the idea that AI is a futuristic technology. AI is of our world, already in our day-to-day lives and shaping industries, including CPG. It is ideally suited for companies grappling with Big Data and unable to integrate multiple sources of data, structured and unstructured.

AI is a powerful solution to analyse and quickly draw relevant evaluations and insights from vast amounts of data, and we all know how badly CPG companies need this to improve decision-making, efficiencies, ROI and RGM.”

In its 2019 TPx Vendor Panorama, POI awarded Visualfabriq a record five ‘Best-in-Class’ distinctions, including one in the new AI category.