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Meet visualfabriq at POI Rotterdam 2019 (May 14-16)

Visualfabriq – POI Rotterdam, May 2019.

POI, the Promotional Optimisation Institute will hold its fifth annual European Summit in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 14th to the 16th of May 2019. In keeping with the city’s rich maritime legacy, the event will take place on the SS  Rotterdam and this year’s theme is ‘Successfully Navigating Growth in the New CPG and Retail World’.

Having partnered with POI over the past years in support of its leading events in Europe and the USA, visualfabriq is a once again a proud sponsor and participant, and you can meet us at POI Rotterdam 2019.

A particular highlight of the event will be visualfabriq co-founder and Chief of Product Strategy, Carst Vaartjes’ inspiring and provoking session “Don’t Optimize Promotions, Automate!”

Carst, a leading AI thought leader and mentor of tech start-ups will tackle burning questions such as:

  • Why start with automation?
  • What are the key elements that enable automation?
  • What can TPM automation deliver to your organization?
  • How can you overcome organisational resistance against machine-based change?
  • What are the steps after automation?
  • How do you make pricing and promotion more effective so that you achieve ROI?

POI Rotterdam’s world class agenda is packed with presentations, sessions and workshops like this that are highlighting Big Change in CPG industry. Hot topics include Revenue Growth Management (RGM) and the Joint Business Planning that underpins its success, as well as other perspectives on how AI enables and accelerates both. Attendees will hear from leading CPG companies about how they are transforming mind-sets and behaviours; roles and processes.

“There is immense value in learning from others’ experiences, especially when they are pioneering the change,” says Gerard De Bruijn, visualfabriq’s Global Excellence Director and an international specialist in integrated business planning.

“POI Rotterdam offers opportunities to experience steep learning curves from those CPG companies and providers who have applied knowledge and had real practice experiences about why and how to get AI-enhanced RGM implemented. You get to find out how the frontrunners have achieved their growth in revenue and what kind of pitfalls they had to overcome. To walk away with actionable ‘to-do lists’ based on real-world insights is priceless at this extremely pressured time for the European CPG companies who want to be leaders in the near future.”

That the CPG industry needs Big Change that grapples with how next generation tech is fast-changing shopper behaviour and retail environments has been the writing on the wall for some time. In the present paradigm, there’s little space left for entertaining theory and a significant urge to get started.

Meet the visualfabriq team at POI Rotterdam 2019

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