RE-BOOST Your Business for GOOD

Visualfabriq CEO, Jaco Brussé speaks about doing good at inspiring Net4kids Webinar

If the global pandemic has given your business tunnel vision over these past months, it’s time to widen your perspective and focus on thriving rather than just surviving. You are invited to refresh your mind and RE-BOOST your business for GOOD by watching the Net4kids webinar (Dutch) that was held on September 3, 2020.

Net4kids is a next generation foundation that matches companies with purpose to bona fide child aid projects in Asia and Africa. Visualfabriq is proud to be part of the Net4Kids community and has made a commitment to contribute to the vision and mission of Net4kids.

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the organisation successfully launched the innovative Club of a Thousand campaign which enabled them to continue to support the vulnerable kids in their projects as the world closed down.

Drawing lessons from the global crisis and providing a platform for collaborative thinking on our emerging post-pandemic reality.

Lotte Leufkens, the founder of the social enterprise CloudCuddle chaired the event which featured a keynote presentation by Loek van den Boog, the Chairman of General Atlantic Netherlands and Founder of Net4kids.

Visualfabriq’s co-founder and CEO, Jaco Brussé was joined on the panel by CEO Roamler, Jeroen ten Haave and Marnix Geus, the Founder of The Present Movement.

Join the uplifting conversation about how we can use the COVID-19 disruption to shape a better world for people and companies. We have a unique opportunity to make changes and move forward in more positive ways.

Watch Webinar Recording (Dutch)

Net4Kids Webinar