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visualfabriq stands out again as a 2018 POI Best-in-Class vendor

visualfabriq – POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2018.

This week, the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), one of the leading global analysts of trade promotion management/optimization (TPx) issued its 2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama. Of the 23 vendors evaluated this year, visualfabriq was one of 16 POI Best-in-Class vendors.

For the third consecutive year, POI awarded visualfabriq two distinctions – for Post Event Analytics and for Financial Orientation/Simulation.

In a POI media release announcing the release of the report, Chief Commercial Officer Pam Brown mentioned that there has been a new energy over the past twelve months in finding better TPx solutions. She also said: “What we have found and reported in this year’s report is that vendors have upped their game and are offering predictive analytics, AI, machine learning, in-flight promotion tracking and other leading-edge capabilities that will help drive efficiency and trade.”

The 2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama (pdf) provides not just vendor evaluations but also expert recommendations to help CG companies in selecting TPx solutions.

“It has been fantastic to see how well visualfabriq aligns to the POI recommendations,” says visualfabriq CEO, Jaco Brussé.

“Once again, POI has prominently advocated for the importance of the industry to embrace AI and other latest, and emerging technologies. They have highlighted the power of predictive solutions to improve retailer buy-in which remains an intractable problem for CG companies who are lagging behind in their uptake of AI and machine learning. POI has also noted that companies with solutions that integrate external data are more satisfied with their TPx. That shows how vital it is for CG companies to choose vendors that do truly have the capacity to handle any variety, volume and velocity of data.”

In their 2018 analysis of visualfabriq, POI has noted:

When it comes to applied AI and other latest technologies…

  • “Visualfabriq is a forerunner in AI usage for trade management. 80% of a tier one client’s planning is accomplished through new AI capabilities and models.”
  • “POI believes the work it is doing on machine learning and the REACT front end capabilities will pay dividends as an early mover advantage.”
  • “Visualfabriq is one of the few organizations that allows access to the predictive models and enables a client to get under the hood and understand, align and facilitate the modeling in a repeatable way.”

When it comes to data…

  • “Visualfabriq utilizes a standard deployment process that drives successful system implementation in approximately 4 months. It has the ability to handle significant amounts of data. Everybody makes this claim; however, we watched the system load 15,000 promotions in just 30 seconds.”
  • “…the willingness to offer data management services is quite unique for a vendor of their size, if not for the market as a whole.”

When it comes to growth…

  • “Very positive growth trend and a strong roadmap going forward. Investment in people and product have been steady. The company has consistently been able to win deals with companies across the 3-tier structure.”
  • “In 2017 Visualfabriq had 15 contracted clients and in 2018 the company has 30 established clients. Roadmap of new offices demonstrates growth…”
  • “The expertise and passion for TPM/TPO and machine learning will aid in Visualfabriq’s growth and client retention. “

“We’re very proud to have again been recognized as a 2018 POI Best-in-Class vendor, and to have received such a positive analysis of our company and solutions,” says Brussé.

“As a rapidly scaling-up business, we realize the importance of our team staying agile and focused on our mission to bring game-changing revenue management solutions to the global CG market. It’s incredibly exciting to experience our clients leaving comfort zones and instead, doing what it takes to become future-fit!

Download the POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2018 (PDF)