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Latest POI TPx Vendor Review recognises visualfabriq as an AI early mover in CPG Industry

Strong growth, vision and insights:

For the second year in a row, visualfabriq has earned two ‘Best in Class’ distinctions from the annual TPx Vendor Review conducted by the global Promotion Optimisation Institute (POI). CPG companies across the world use the POI TPx review, and their events, such as the imminent POI Dallas Fall Summit, for independent guidance and direction in their search for viable, optimum software solutions to enduring TPx challenges.

Return on investment stands out as one of the most pressing issues when it comes to TPx. visualfabriq is delighted to be recognised again as a ‘Best in Class’ provider when it comes to Financial Orientation / simulation and our subsequent impact on ROI generation. A second consecutive ‘Best in Class’ distinction was awarded to recognise visualfabriq’s unique strengths in post event analytics.

visualfabriq’s ground-breaking use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the CPG sector was recognised in the 2017 POI TPx Vendor Report:

  • Vendor Trend: “We believe that the work it is doing on machine learning will pay dividends as an early mover advantage.”
  • A Key Differentiator: xpertise and passion around machine learning to aid in the entire promotion cycle is noteworthy.”
  • Evaluate visualfabriq when: “…you want to benefit early on from machine learning in the promotion cycle.”

This recognition stands in testimony to visualfabriq’s mission to help CPG companies to become future-fit by offering a platform that empowers them to fundamentally restructure their commercial processes through the integration of data, AI and workflows, thereby augmenting the capabilities of employees and generating more profit.

2017 marked the first year that the POI Vendor Report included Artificial Intelligence in the criteria for its evaluation of a product’s analytical capabilities. “This is noteworthy,” says visualfabriq CEO, Jaco Brusse, “As change-makers in the CPG space, this is a drum we have been beating for some time.”

“While CPG companies may not have been significantly disrupted over the past two decades, upheavals in the industry are now inevitable. We believe that the CPG companies who will be leaders in the industry in the future are those who are today, considering the trends, exploring the possibilities and taking the actions necessary to get themselves fit for the future. Of course, this has to include machine learning and AI.”

Download POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2017 (pdf)