Successfully Implementing SaaS Solutions, 100% Remotely

Interview with Visualfabriq Chief Customer Success, Joris Monchen, and Customer Success Director, Suzanne de Volder. 

For Visualfabriq, being a global company offering a 100% SaaS Revenue Growth Management platform, the majority of client implementation activities has always been done through remote working.

When the pandemic put a sudden halt to all global travel, it was an opportunity for the Customer Success team to make the transition to 100% remote working for all implementation project activities. Now the team finds themselves running implementation projects smoothly, in close collaboration with our clients, and in many ways even better than before.

Visualfabriq Chief Customer Success Officer, Joris Monchen says, “As the Covid-19 crisis has been unfolding across the markets where we work, we have many implementation projects, all in different phases on the go; and our focus has been on continuing to meet the agreed goals and expectations.”

Joris doesn’t make light of the challenges of delivering the same high levels of customer service through #workingfromeverywhere, but he does point out there’s significant value in developing advanced remote working competencies for both his Customer Success team and the client organisations.

Joris Monchen

“When it comes to the human dynamics at play during implementations, you cannot ignore the differences between sitting in a room together and connecting through digital platforms,” he says. “In-person engagements are just naturally more conducive to achieving consensus and decision-making.

Sitting in the room together, it’s easy, it’s instinctive to read the non-verbal cues of others. You also have immediate opportunities to respond to all those signals; to ask questions and open up more dialogue to ensure clarity and understanding.

Now, using digital communications, it’s important to be much more aware of this, so that you can work smarter and take more care in the process of understanding where everyone on the call stands.

It’s not just about replicating the offline experience online, it’s a different way of doing things where we aim to maximize the benefits that come with working remotely. This is how we and our customers are using this experience to become fitter for the future.”

It’s a different way of doing things where we maximize the benefits that come with working remotely

The Visualfabriq Customer Success team has to put this, and more, into practice as it facilitates critical implementation steps such as User Acceptance Testing and a Go Live cutover, which are underway across Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Russia.

“These are going perfectly,” Joris says, “As a team, we have put a lot more energy into thinking through people’s different priorities as they reach these kind of stages of implementation. Luckily, we have rich and deep experience to draw on.

The sponsor or the project manager and the end-user don’t look at the experience in the same way, and we have had to work out how we can meet the range of expectations through #workingfromeverywhere.

In the end, ensuring business continuity by adapting to the current circumstances is not just sharpening our team, it’s also helping our customers to develop remote working capabilities and build their resilience for the future.”

Helping our customers to develop remote working capabilities and build their resilience for the future

A major advantage when it comes to starting new projects and keeping implementations on budget and on schedule, is that Visualfabriq has always worked according to standardised protocols and documentation.

“Our customers all have access to our university,” says Customer Success Director, Suzanne de Volder.

“This is a comprehensive service tool that is free for them to use for training and problem-solving. It’s huge back-up in these times. With the right mind-set and the right tools available, customers can be more flexible in coping with the situation and ensuring that implementations can start up, stay on track and be successful.

Suzanne de Volder

Another positive that is emerging out of the Customer Success team working from everywhere is that because we are no longer travelling, we have considerably more time and availability when it comes to customer engagement.

It’s amazing just how much productive time is freed up by not travelling; which can now be spent on customer engagement.”

As with all industries, the Covid-19 crisis has set in motion unprecedented challenges for CPG organisations. Across the world, consumer and retailer demands have changed; often in different ways from market to market.

These pressures highlight how critical it is for CPG companies to quickly and affordably get good data insights for strategic revenue management. How you respond, adapt, learn and develop during this time is critical not just for survival but to come through fitter for the future.

How we learn and develop during this time is critical to come through fitter for the future

Now is the moment to look and see what you can accelerate. Now is the time to use the resources you have allocated and keep going. Now, you need to find those partners who can do it all remotely with you and make sure the critical resources you have invested don’t get put on hold and go to waste.

Let’s get out of this stronger together!