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Okay, let’s talk TPx solutions, CPG – Are you scalable?

Joris Monchen - Customer Success Director at visualfabriq. Visualfabriq is in its fifth year of operation since the development of our own platform and solutions to help CPG companies to radically transform the ways they execute TPx and improve their profitability....

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CPG, how will you boost sales performance in 2018?

CPG, how will you choose to augment your sales team in 2018? Each year, global insights and technology company CEB, now a subsidiary of Gartner, surveys its network of sales executives in order to aggregate the top challenges they face in the year ahead.  At cebglobal...

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Start trusting the machine. Today.

Trust the machine! It does know it better. On a personal level we faithfully follow Google Maps without any concern. We marvel at voice recognition capability and happily depend on our tech assistants. Driverless vehicles make more and more sense to us. Over the past...

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Change management at CPG needs hardcore commitment

The winners of the future are those companies with the vision and drive to be masters of change. And you cannot be a master of change in today’s world without the mentality, leadership and the software perspective to master data, artificial intelligence and workflows...

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Winning with promotions

How to turn your promotions around into more profit CPG companies need to break out of year-on-year repeat of strategy and plans, and start to assess every individual investment reliably. Look forward, not backwards An integrated view of the trade channel...

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