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Revenue management solutions help businesses with powerful insights to optimize their revenue potential.


Let’s get serious about revenue growth management


Revenue growth management (RGM) is a key process in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Strategy and structure may differ per organisation, in general revenue growth management processes centre around:


  • ​Trade promotions
  • ​Trade investments
  • ​Pricing strategy
  • ​Commercial planning
  • ​Assortment and price/pack architecture


​Depending on the company’s long term strategy, CPG’s put emphasis on one or more of these pillars. As delivery of net sales and profit is a top priority, many companies focus on revenue forecasting and optimisation. This is the process of creating revenue forecasts and efficiently manage and optimise trade promotions, pricing and investments.​

​​​​​​Today’s global CPG leaders are learning that disconnected systems and spreadsheets are inefficient, ineffective, and simply don’t deliver results. ​​


​​​​​​At Visualfabriq, we have the answer. To drive revenue forecasting and optimisation, innovative software is needed. Revenue management software unlocks actionable data insights, integrates multiple data sources and streamlines the end-to-end processes. All from one platform. ​​


Let’s take a closer look at revenue management solutions

Unleash ​CPG​ excellence with actionable insights

What is revenue software for CPG?

​​Revenue growth software enables effective revenue forecasting and optimisation within​ CPG​ organizations​ by ​​transform​ing​ ERP data, syndicated data and other data sources into actionable insights for ​the entire​​ ​ commercial planning cycle within CPG. ​​​

​​​Gone are the days of siloed information, departments and business units. There is a better solution. Drive one version of the truth for your organization with revenue management software. ​​

​​​Key Benefits:​​


  • ​​​Reduces non-value-adding work and repetitive tasks with full data integration.
  • ​​​Eliminates errors and data redundancies with complete data flow within the system.
  • ​​​Improves data quality for accuracy​​.
  • ​​​Increases operational efficiencies with master data & user-generated data accessible to all​​

​​​​​​​Key Features:​​


  • ​​Management and optimisation of ​for​​ ​trade spend, promotions and pricing​.​ ​ ​​​​
  • ​​Capabilities ​to ​ govern creation, planning and tracking of ​all data ​input.​​​
  • ​​​Reporting o​ptimisation capabilities including best practice standards​.
  • ​​A.I.​-​enhanced forecasting ​for accurate revenue management​.​ ​​​​
  • ​​​Data integration for all internal and 3rd party data sources​.​


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Act now, to stay relevant in 2030

CPG companies today operate in a highly demanding environment that requires complex revenue growth managemen​t in the face of ​​increasing challenges:​​

  • Inflation forces ​many companies ​to increase prices towards retailers, putting strain on retailer negotiations.
  • Consumers ​are ​fac​ing​ price increases​ in every aspect of their lives​ ​resulting in constant value seeking​ and less expendable income. ​​This drives changes in consumer behaviour and thus demand.​
  • ​​New CPG start-ups enter the market place every day, endangering market share. ​


​​Today’s challenges are multifaceted. The competition for market share is fierce. Marginal pressure drives a strong need for high quality insights​ and ​analytics​ to improve performance. ​​​​​


​​At the same time, CPG’s have more data available to them than ever. They are challenged to unlock insights that help respond to the current market. A platform like Visualfabriq’s built with the purpose to integrate all data on and delivered to the  platform answers this need. It delivers the actionable insights required to win today and prepare for the future. ​​​


​​Embrace revenue forecasting and optimisation. ​​CPG’s should incorporate​ ​predictive analytics ​for improved ROI, increased cost efficiency and more accurate revenue management. ​Analyse past performance, ​​​​​​and ​project the impact of decisions ​for the ​future.

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Stop thinking in silos, start thinking ​holistically.

​​​Better address the demands of today’s market. Companies need an integrated, holistic approach for better internal alignment between departments.​ Yet, over 80 percent of organizations still use spreadsheets to support the revenue forecasting and optimisation.​​ Companies looking for competitive advantage and greater business impact need a fully integrated revenue management tool.​​

​​​​​​​At Visualfabriq, our software was built to fully integrate all available capabilities:​​


  • ​​​Creation of a bottom-up commercial plan, automatically created from all data available on the platform.​​
  • ​​​Management and optimisation of trade investments and promotions​​.
  • ​​​Enables accurate pricing and portfolio architecture. ​Full integration of data sources and automated messaging to ERP’s.


​Still using​ spreadsheets​ for revenue forecasting and optimisation? This often drives a​​ ​process broken down into ​ ​functional silos. Teams such as sales, marketing and finance are ​working from different data sources. If ​manual adjustments are common practice​, organisations are missing out on intelligent, actionable data that improve delivery of top and bottom line. ​​



Leave meetings with actionable insights.

​​​Organizations using a revenue growth management solution​ have the tools to​ move from conversations​ about​ “what do these numbers mean” to prescriptive, pro-active analytics​ ​ that allow them to justify business decisions. Today’s rapidly changing markets​ ​require​ CPG organizations to increase their overall​ agility​. Thus they can respond quickly to fluctuating demands.​​


This requires revenue growth software that unlocks all available data ​- including internal and​ 3rd party​ data sources​. Infinite scalability is​ a prerequisite: data today is increasing at an incredible pace. ​​​To be able to ​unlock the power of company data, ​data quality is key. ​Visualfabriq’s platform has capabilities to automate data cleansing, taking that burden away from CPG’s.


​​​Unlock your data fast for actionable insights to: ​​

  • ​​​Better understand past performance​​
  • ​​​Improve forecasting using embedded AI​​
  • ​​​Make data-driven, intelligent forecasts​​
  • ​​​Justify business decisions and expenditures​​


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Be ready for tomorrow with the technology of today

Revenue growth management tools help shape CPG’s to respond to the challenges they face today​. They can ​​ ​​a​ctively drive future growth. Starting with revenue forecasting and optimisation software can be a scaled approach. Start by getting out of legacy tools and spreadsheets, move to advanced automation and embedded AI. Organisations expand the level of capabilities and coverage of revenue growth management as they progress.​​


The best place to start:


  • ​​Establish an organisational structure to drive revenue forecasting and optimisation within the organization. ​​​
  • ​​​Ensure buy-in from teams​​ at both headquarter ​and regional ​level​s.​​ ​​ ​
  • ​​​Engage various teams for revenue management software selection: Think ahead when procuring a solution, make sure the platform you decide to work with is not only ready for today, but will work for you tomorrow. A true SaaS platform is a big benefit, as it ensures you are always on the latest version, benefitting from the best out there. ​​
  • ​​​Create an internal roadmap with target dates and goals.​​
  • ​​​Start with one area and implement changes that have the fastest impact.​​

​​​With an iterative approach, you can effectively e​​​mbed the revenue forecasting and optimisation process into ​your​ entire commercial business planning ​organization – for the greatest ROI.​​ ​​

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Act and change ​faster than the competition​​.

In the rapidly changing environment of CPG, ​agility is key.​​ ​​T​o be able to both think and move quickly​,​ ​CPG companies ​​ ​need to understand their business. Insight in context enables them to make intelligent decisions. Data is a key requirement.


Many companies have large volumes of data, often spread over different environments. The data ​is ​stored in different systems and different formats. ​This leads to issues with data integration, data quality and data silos. ​


​​​Improving RGM starts with seamless integration of internal and external data sources and formats. No matter how much data you generate, or how often, your revenue management growth tool should be able to handle this amount of data. ​


​​​The right RGM software capabilities should make your internal processes easier. Streamline data integration, quality and management on one single platform. With Visualfabriq’s software there is no need for extensive technical knowledge to unlock your data.


Process all relevant data in a ​bl​ink. Today and tomorrow.

The Visualfabriq platform can efficiently​ ​​​integrate all internal and external data out of the box. It handles billions of records, in any volume, variety or velocity. Transform all data into actionable insights in minutes, even seconds. Visualfabriq’s​​​​ ​​​platform can easily scale data that will come into play in the future.

​​​​Use a System with best in class Artificial Intelligence​​​. The Visualfabriq platform has ​​​​won numerous best-in-class awards. ​​​The Promotion Optimization Institute distinguished it as Best in Class in Artificial Intelligence. AI and machine learning is in our DNA.​​​

Together with clients, Visualfabriq digitises and optimises revenue forecasting and optimisation​​​.​​​ Create maximum business value and be fit for the future, starting with instant results today.​​​​​​

Visualfabriq​​​​ gives CPG’s the insights they need to address the questions of today. Let’s revolutionise revenue forecasting and optimisation .​​​​​


​​​​Start today.

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