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Retail & Shopper Insights™

Never before you’ve been so close to a shopper

The 4 features of Retail & Shopper Insights™

1. Effective Promotions

With our shopping basket analysis (or loyalty cards) you have more information on shoppers than ever before, know exactly what effect a promotion will have, whether shoppers come in to the store, whether they come in more often, buy more (and which products), become loyal.

  • Know which product needs to be promoted and when
  • Improve continually the effectiveness of a promotion, learn and apply direct.
  • Know which effect a promotion has on the rest of the product range.
  • Gain accurate insight into what a promotion achieves.

2. Localized Assortments

Which products do you have to place in your shop to make your local customers happy? Localized Assortments aligns your product range exactly to your local market.

  • Compare the product ranges and earnings of shops in a comparable market area;
  • See exactly what does work and what doesn’t,
  • Know in advance which product range decision will generate the best returns.
  • Achieve greater results by matching your product range not only on results from the past, also on future opportunities.
  • Become a local hero 


3. Pricing Insights

Is the price structure in your product range logical? What effect will price changes have on demand for the product and on consumer switching behaviour? Get the answers in a minute.

  • Play with the ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Know exactly how far you can go.
  • Get the optimum product range at the optimum prices. 

4. Customer Insights

The most accurate insight into the size and interest of each target group. What they want, where they want it, and when.

  • 24/7 insights (not static but dynamic)
  • Immediate possibility of responding, optimizing monitoring ánd forecasting
  • Ongoing feedback cycle
  • Always the right offer at the right time

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