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Visualfabriq's talented development team is growing

Visualfabriq welcomes Dipanjan Kailthya

visualfabriq’s talented development team is growing to keep pace with all the new clients who have come on board this year. We are pleased to welcome Dipanjan Kailthya to Global HQ in Maarssen as a senior developer. Dipanjan who was based in London for over ten years is pleased to have relocated as he has always wanted to live in The Netherlands.

His career in tech has taken him from Calcutta where he graduated from Jadavpur University with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, to Japan and the UK where he has been developing software for the Financial Industry.

“The stars aligned in the right way,” Dipanjan says. “Joining visualfabriq not only gave me the opportunity to live and work in The Netherlands, but also to meet another goal which is to contribute my skills to a different industry and be specifically involved in successful applied AI solutions, an area where visualfabriq has made an exciting niche for itself, and is a forerunner.”

Another aspect of visualfabriq that Dipanjan appreciates is that the company is not founded by people straight out of university who have little industry expertise. “The insights that come with our deep CPG experience have uniquely shaped the visualfabriq platform and ensures that what we are developing is really what the clients need,” he observes. “As a team, we’ve got the rare and powerful combination of traditional knowledge and the latest machine learning expertise.”

Dipanjan is a proponent of esteemed computer scientist, Donald E. Knuth’s view that programming is as much of an art as it is a science. Creativity is a big part of his life, and as a keen guitarist he once made a choice between studying music or computer science. These days, playing his favourite Joe Satriani-signature Ibanez electric guitar is one of his main pastimes on the home front.

Of his early experiences of visualfabriq, he says, “I am enjoying how involved everyone is in everything! Everyone is so switched on, diving into the thick of things and the level of dedication is amazing. The culture is really open, everyone has been helping me to get on board and that makes me valued.”

The growth of the visualfabriq development team is ongoing and there are going to be further exciting appointments over the next couple of months.