Comprehensive trade spend management software.

Create outstanding, holistic pricing and investment strategies that drive profitability. Understand the plan account’s perspective and negotiate a win-win situation. All whilst reducing the administrative load for your consumer goods organization with our trade spend management software.

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Gain insight to drive holistic pricing and investment strategies.

What mix of pricing, investments and promotional spend makes plan accounts profitable to a manufacturer in CPG?


Creating a pricing strategy with data from legacy tools is a challenge, using disparate data sources and spreadsheets. Try adding long-term investments and trade promotion spend to it. The task becomes almost impossible.


Visualfabriq’s trade spend management software includes everything CPGs need to set up a holistic trade spend strategy.


The Trade Spend Master® includes pricing and condition simulation. It has easy to use pricing and contract management and includes pricing analytics. To simulate the impact of changes to the latest estimate and promotions, it is linked throughout the platform. Because the tool automatically integrates syndicated data, both internal and external profitability are visible to create real win-win strategies.


Visualfabriq’s Trade Spend Master drives one single source of truth. Optimise plan account negotiation and win in the market.


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Price and invest smarter

Leverage key insights in profitability drivers

What’s so exciting?

Rapidly adjust prices and discounts
Adjust price of one item or an entire assortment in just a few clicks. Automate the calculation of underlying discounts. Or simply adjust specific discounts.
Create contracts that match negotiations
No more separate conditions in ERP: plan investments with a single entrypoint per contract. Add documentation for proof. Reduce human errors, win time.
Customize the approval flow
It's clear that governance is required when it comes to pricing and investments. That’s why Visualfabriq's approval flows are configurable with a table of authority or value based rules. One step or multiple steps, just as you like.
Compare gross-to-net within and across plan accounts
Visualfabriq's software allocates trade spend to a per material, per unit base. This enables insight into the profitability of the portfolio of a plan account. Take action, or compare prices across plan accounts.
Integrate data sources throughout the platform
Want to use next year's prices when planning a trade promotion? Need to see the impact of your price increase in your Revenue Plan? Yes, that’s standard functionality.

Why Visualfabriq Trade Spend Management?

Build your trade spend strategy with actionable insights

Visualfabriq believes that time spent on trade spend management should always generate actionable insights. The software removes the non-value activities from trade spend planning. Instead, focus on analytics that enable CPGs to drive profitability.

Deliver clarity for every stakeholder.

There are many stakeholders in trade spend management. To bring clarity (and one version of the truth) the Trade Spend Master gives each stakeholder one single point of entry. It doesn’t matter if they are an account manager, a financial controller or executive management.

Gain full visibility, traceability and accountability

Planning, tracking and approval of trade spend is embedded in a fully configurable automated approval workflow. To drive governance, approvals and adjustments are stored in a logbook. This drives traceability and accountability though all levels of the organization.

Eliminate manual tasks with fully automated ERP-integration

Visualfabriq takes all the hassle of manual data processing out of the equation. Data integration between its software and a CPG’s ERP systems is fully automated. Manage data through the Bifrost integration platform in just a few clicks.

Save hours, even days on data input

With the Trade Spend Master, price and investment management is made easy with simple input and workflows. Formerly complex manual processes in ERP now take just minutes in our solution, saving hours or even days at a time.

Build a win-win holistic strategy

Sales teams want to contribute to the value chain. That’s why understanding the plan account’s point of view matters. Integration of syndicated datas give insight in a plan accounts profitability. The Trade Spend Master enables sales teams to negotiate in cooperative fashion: how can both parties benefit?



What is trade spend management? 

Trade spend is the money a CPG manufacturer invests in their plan accounts (retailers, wholesellers, distributors etc.) The investment is meant to drive product availability for consumers, both non-promoted and promoted. Trade spend management is the process of planning, managing and executing these investments. Usually, the sales team is in the lead, cooperating closely with finance teams.

What is trade spend optimisation? 

Trade promotion optimisation is the process of continuous improvement of trade spend effectiveness and efficiency, driving plan account and assortment profitability. Trade spend optimisation is a continuous loop: following execution of a promotion, learnings are captured to improve future promotions.

Whilst in the past this was often a labour intensive process, today there is software like Visualfabriq’s to support sales teams. The Trade Spend Master integrates the data sources that in the past were manually combined, such as ex-factory volumes, syndicated and Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) data.

The Trade Spend Master enables users to review the impact of trade spend and define alternative scenarios. Understand the impact on plan account, channel, brand and assortment profitability and act.

Can I integrate the Trade Spend Master with my ERP system?

Absolutely! Integration between Visualfabriq and a customer’s ERP system is a standard phase of our deployment approach. As our aim is to remove all manual administration, we make sure that our platform is your one stop shop: plan and approve to trigger a message.

Is Visualfabriq trade spend software secure? 

At Visualfabriq the security of client’s data is paramount. Therefore, Visualfabriq is fully certified for:

ISO 27001 – ISO/IEC 27001


SOC 2 – SOC 2

What sort of data can Visualfabriq integrate in your platform? 

Visualfabriq supports the integration of all ERP systems. Integration works both ways: the platform pulls in master data and sends pricing, conditions and volumes.

Visualfabriq also integrates in-market data: syndicated data (such as Nielsen, IRI), Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) data. And what’s even better: create formulas combining multiple sources to understand plan account margins. Gain insight and deliver value to the entire chain.

Can I use floor pricing in Visualfabriq’s trade spend solution? 

Absolutely! It’s clear that setting thresholds for prices and discounts can be key to maintain a minimum level of profitability. Visualfabriq supports floor price management and can incorporate floor prices in warning messages and approval flows.

Can Visualfabriq supply a full logbook of adjustments and approvals for audit purposes? 

Governance and compliance are key in the CPG industry. Relevant changes made in the Trade Spend Master is captured in a logbook. This logbook is available on the platform, to track actions. But rest assured, there won’t be any surprises. The platform has a role based workflow. This means that organisations determine themselves who is allowed to perform what action. It is also possible to add approval rules such as thresholds. All to make sure any action on the platform is entirely audit proof.

Does Visualfabriq’s platform allow me to settle claims for my trade spend? 

It definitely does! The Trade Spend Master fully integrates with the Visualfabriq Claims module. All claims for non-promoted spend, such as contractual investments, can be handled.

What if I have a risk or an opportunity, can I capture those too? 

Of course! An opportunity to increase prices that an account manager does not yet want to formally plan. A retailer that threatens to submit an additional claim. Visualfabriq enables commercial teams to simply capture risks and opportunities as part of the Demand Forecast Master offering.


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