Visualfabriq featured in Business Chief Europe Magazine

Visualfabriq is delighted to be featured in the October 2018 edition of Business Chief Europe. This issue of the digital publication, aimed at providing business executives with insights into industry-leading practices, has a feature article on supply chain transformations, and Visualfabriq is highlighted as the AI enhanced revenue management platform used by Deloitte.

The interview with Dr Stijn-Pieter van Houten, Deloitte NW Europe’s Director of Supply Chain Strategy & Operations emphasises the pressure on CPG companies to transform to more flexible and adaptable supply chains that can more effectively and quickly meet changing customer and consumer demands. New ideas, game-changing solutions and change management processes are required for CPG companies to achieve true end-to-end supply chain planning and synchronisation.

Deloitte’s supply chain experts note that Visualfabriq’s platform “greatly reduces the routine workload of CPG companies through largely automated demand creation, demand and budget reviews and promotion planning and making these all available on the commercial level where the sales organisation’s operate”.

Apart from being freed up to focus on working strategically with customers; the benefits also include AI-driven scenario planning that gives account managers immediate insights with a full range of options; detailed volume and financial pros and cons with a much higher reliability than traditional estimations; all intelligence provided from both the manufacturer and retailer perspectives that enables transparent, collaborative, win-win decision-making.

Deloitte notes that “solutions like Visualfabriq are increasingly becoming the forefront of customer-centric, synchronised supply chain setups driving better customer service and higher profit margins via tailored supply chain responses.”

Download the full article: 

Enabling Suppy Chain Transformations (PDF)