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visualfabriq in CGT’s Trade Promotion Excellence Roadmap

Visualfabriq – CGT Magazine.

visualfabriq is delighted to have participated as a sponsor and thought leader in Consumer Goods Technology’s latest CGT Roadmap – The Journey to Trade Promotion Excellence. This has now been published in the August 2018 edition of CGT magazine, and the digital version can be downloaded here (pdf).

CGT is a global media player providing relevant business and tech content to the CG industry through its print and digital publications. The special Trade Promotion feature presents nine essential strategies CG companies need to deploy to drive true innovation in TPM, and visualfabriq CEO, Jaco Brussé is one of the key interviewees.

“From embracing AI and acting faster to collaborating with retailers and delivering in real-time to consumer demand, the CGT Roadmap highlights the urgent need for CG companies to radically reimagine and completely transform the way they currently manage trade promotions,” he says.

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