Visualfabriq features in CGT Magazine 2019 Tech Solutions Guide

Visualfabriq – Consumer Goods Technology Magazine, February 2019.

Visualfabriq has been recognised as a top solutions provider in CGT Magazine’s 2019 Tech Solutions Guide for Trade Promotion Management, which is published in its February edition. Jaco Brussé, Visualfabriq’s CEO, also participated in a roundtable of experts providing thought leadership on the challenges and opportunities of reimagining traditional trade promotion to meet the changing demands of both retailers and shoppers.

CGT pointed out that a recent industry survey found that only 11% of the CG companies are using ‘highly advanced’ TPO tools, such as using multiple data sources via AI to predict ROI.

On the obstacles to broader adoption, Jaco said: “The main obstacle to this is leadership that is unaware and not focused on taking tools on board to achieve the aspirational capabilities delivered by unlocking huge volumes of data. As long as leadership lacks this vision, the company will always be looking in the rear-view mirror instead of through the windscreen. Once this obstacle is out of the way and there is top suite commitment to invest and implement; all other obstacles, the technical challenges, the scale of change management; these then, become entertaining obstacles.”

Jaco said that providers such as Visualfabriq play a vital role in supporting their CPG clients on their journey to take up new tech solutions and become fit for the future. “As a vendor, founded by CPG professionals, we know the business. We help by engaging with all different stakeholders to paint the picture of a successful future. We help by encouraging consumer goods companies to think big, start small and scale up fast using our proven approach.”

The roundtable of experts also offered their views on how trade promotions might transform over the next ten years. “There will always be initiatives around brands and products,” Jaco said. “However, it is likely that the magnitude and mechanisms to create value might be different. The rise of different channels and an explosion of data will drive transparency. Initiatives will go beyond trade promotion and become more integrated. The challenges for consumer goods companies will be around gaining a more holistic view on planning and the impact of decisions.

The 2019 CGT Tech Solutions Guide: Trade Promotion Management provides a comparison chart of solutions providers that CGT describe as being “on the forefront of trade promotion management and optimisation”.

“We’re very pleased to be featured in CGT’s Tech Solutions Guide this year,” Jaco concludes. “We’re in a phase of rapidly scaling up as global business with unique solutions, and this is another sign that there’s strong industry awareness in the market that our AI-driven revenue management platform can help CG companies to harness new generation tech to drive profitable growth.”

Download the guide:

2019 CGT Tech Solutions Guide: Trade Promotion Management (PDF)