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Visualfabriq welcomes Developer Jose Vazquez

“One of the most exciting aspects of building a successful, leading-edge tech company is the calibre of talent we attract,” says visualfabriq CEO, Jaco Brussé as Jose Vazquez is welcomed to the software development team at global HQ.

Born and educated in Spain, Jose graduated with a BSc Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and he has worked in software development also in France before settling in the Netherlands.  He has a particular passion for Big Data, data analysis and machine learning, which is what attracted to him to working as a software developer on the visualfabriq team.  As an avid football supporter and player, he’s has found himself right at home in the visualfabriq culture!

“I love the challenges of Big Data and enabling the use of large amounts of data to predict scenarios in ways that the machine does best.” Jose says, “This is how a software tool such as visualfabriq’s Trade Promotion Master™ is radically transforming the ways that CPG companies manage and optimise trade promotions.  It’s all about trusting the machine to increase profits while reducing costs and time.”

Apart from providing development support, Jose will also be focusing on the development of all-new features for the visualfabriq platform.  As technology changes and enhances what we can do with platforms, applications and tools, Jose will be looking at the latest advancements to quickly deliver leading edge advantages to visualfabriq customers.