Webinar: Understanding and Perfecting Data to Enable RGM

Maturing data capabilities enhances Revenue Growth Management

Expert industry analysis is increasingly drawing a correlation between a CPG company’s digital and analytics capabilities and its financial performance. Those that understand what data can do for them, and have clear targets about what they want to achieve with their data, are advancing their RGM practices.

There’s clearly a growing thirst for this knowledge, as more than 300 participants tuned into the recent Visualfabriq-sponsored Promotion Optimization Institute webinar: ‘Understanding and Perfecting Data to Enable Revenue Growth Management‘.

Alongside host, POI CEO and founder, Michael Kantor, Visualfabriq’s Head of Integration, Peter Scheltinga and Daniel Gorzki, the Head of Revenue Management Solutions at our partner BPX shared real-world insights from the front-lines.

They highlighted the benefits, risks and challenges when it comes to understanding organisational data capability, and discussed the importance of developing organisation-wide vision and goals when it comes to harnessing the power of your data to enhance RGM.

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Understanding and Perfecting Data to Enable Revenue Growth Management

Data is foundational to Revenue Growth Management, and developing organisation-wide data capabilities is key to the sustainability and success of modern CPG companies. Yet, too often, CPG companies get stuck behind roadblocks such as the perceived complexity of integrating external and internal data sources or the unease of building a data lake before your data science team is up to speed.

These challenges highlight the importance of engaging with a solutions provider which has a proven blueprint and track record for joining you on this vital journey.

Webinar attendees got the insights into how data impacts on RGM success and how to create a company-wide vision for data-driven RGM.


Michael Kantor – CEO and founder at POI Institute
Mike has spent his career creating retail and brand price/promotion optimization programs, and analytics that drive improved loyalty and profits. He is the visionary for Collaborative Marketing, who has created and is executing with a brilliant, committed group of retail, CPG, and academic leaders the Certified Collaborative Marketer (CCM)™ curriculum and certification for how to collaborate with trading partners. He continuously produces the best industry events on marketing effectiveness and collaborative price/promotion optimization around the globe.

Peter Scheltinga – Head of Integration at Visualfabriq
Expert in data management and cloud computing. Primarily centered on delivering automated solutions related to interfacing and transformation of data. His teams work to facilitate both client implementations and innovation on the Visualfabriq platform.

Peter has worked both on the business- and IT-side, building bridges between what are often too very different worlds. With a strong background on running migration projects and simplifying legacy solutions, his primary driver is to unlock ‘hidden’ data for business usage. Experienced in setting up micro-service ecosystems to expose data lakes comprised of hundreds of backend systems, enabling integration with modern-day data and analytical capabilities.

Daniel Gorzki – Head of Revenue Management Solutions at BPX
Manager and expert in sales and distribution processes with over 15 years of experience working for CPG companies, including Solution Design in Trade Promo Management integration with SAP Systems.

Directing the BPX RMS department, combined of skilled specialists dedicated to enhance and accelerate business value through delivery of the modern data integration technology for Revenue Growth Management.

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  • What data sources are critical for RGM success
  • Best practices for data sources for CPG baseline, promotion planning and prediction
  • How to make data available across your enterprise

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