Interview with Visualfabriq CEO, Jaco Brussé.

In these strange times, working life is changing drastically. Working from home is the new normal and while the Covid-19 virus continues to be a disruption to everyday life, some companies look ahead.

Visualfabriq co-founder and CEO, Jaco Brussé – who is currently leading his fully operational team from home – shares his vision about what changes this crisis will bring, how to get out stronger and become fit for the future.

Jaco Brussé

How is Visualfabriq adapting to the current situation?

“We are fortunate that we are very experienced in working remotely. With offices and clients all over the world a lot of activities at Visualfabriq and interaction with clients were handled remotely already. At the moment all our staff around the world is working from home. So, as one team, we are effectively ‘working from everywhere’ at this time.

Being a 100% SaaS solution, all aspects of our operation can continue. From Sales to Implementation, we’ve got complete business continuity and we’re able to deliver to our clients in line with expectations and service level agreements.”

What are the learnings that you gathered about working remotely?

“Remote working requires structure and routine, and it demands a high level of accountability from each member of the team to ensure that we are all managing our jobs well. Our work all revolves around our tech platform with our SaaS solution, so we have the tech already in place to run everything from our implementations to our client engagements.

Team members are noticing that they are becoming more productive working from home. If you structure your work well, there can be less distractions than being in the office. We are engaging in the necessary internal meetings through digital channels and there seems to be less time-wasting and that our meetings are more efficient.

The crisis also highlights our humanity, right? We’re all feeling this. It’s natural that people are nervous. I would say that we’re more aware, and therefore more caring about how our team members might be feeling each day. That makes us more supportive and compassionate about what we’re all going through emotionally. These are some of the ways that staying connected and united can help us come through stronger together.”

As a business leader, what is top of mind for you at this time?

“I think that in the midst of this situation, there is a challenging invitation to think and act differently. We can’t afford traditional thinking. I believe that everyone has to work extremely hard to get out stronger; it’s not going to just happen.

Like every, major world crisis, Covid-19 is going to change our world in permanent ways. There’s no ‘business as usual’ to go back to. We’re forging new paths at this time, such as mass remote working and mass digital education.

Our team is focused on business continuity so that we continue to deliver value to our clients and help them change their organisations so that they become bulletproof.

We want them to come through this with the sustainable revenue growth management processes that strengthen their businesses and make them more resilient to shocks like this. I don’t believe in sitting and waiting; being the sitting duck, waiting and hoping to return to business as ‘normal’.

Now is the moment to look and see what you can accelerate. Now is the time to use the resources you have allocated and keep going. Now, you need to find those partners who can do it all remotely with you and make sure the critical resources you have invested don’t get put on hold and go to waste.

We’re all in this together, facing decisions, and we need to make those choices to change our organisations and processes so that we become more sustainable. I think this requires conscious intention and effort.

What’s top of my mind: Stay safe. Stay connected and let’s get out stronger together!