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Developing and Implementing a 100% SaaS Platform, the Agile Way

Interview with Abhas Sureka, Customer Development Manager at Visualfabriq. 

Visualfabriq is on an incredible growth path, providing the CPG industry with a 100% SaaS Revenue Growth Management platform and undertaking agile implementations and engagement for clients around the globe. Harnessing the power of SaaS, our platform is continuously improved with the latest added functionality, that comes without new costly implementation fees for our clients.

In order to do this, we use a way of working for our DevOps teams, which are located in various countries, that fits our need for speed and agility, while also enabling 100% remote working.

Visualfabriq Customer Development Manager, Abhas Sureka points out that we’re making use of leading edge software development methodologies such as Scrum to optimize flexibility and collaboration, and ensure that no matter what, we deliver to the satisfaction of our customers.

“As we scaled up as a company, we recognized the need for an evidence-based approach to development and implementation,” Abhas says, “Our focus is on our team’s ability to deliver rapidly, to respond effectively to customer needs that inevitably arise in unpredictable ways, and to adapt smoothly to evolutions and changes.

Scrum, which takes its name from the rugby team formation, is an iterative and incremental framework for complex knowledge work that challenges the linear assumptions of traditional approaches and enables teams to self-organize, communicate and collaborate more effectively. Development work is organised into Sprints for planning, daily communications, review and retrospection.

“A goal without a routine is just a wish,” Abhas says, “Visualfabriq’s use of the Scrum framework creates the routine that helps everyone stay focused and committed to our end goal. It opens the feedback cycle with customers at a much earlier stage than other methodologies.”

A goal without a routine is just a wish

Abhas emphasizes how Scrum highlights clear responsibility and accountability from each member of the team, which is of utmost importance whilst working remotely in the current reality of Covid-19. “Also, since our DevOps teams are spread across multiple geographies, working remotely using best-in-class digital tools enables us to be ahead in the game,” he says.

“Even in these strange times, we are working at same pace and rhythm, ensuring that we finish what we started, and meet all the requirements of our service agreements.

Scrum facilitates a completely transparent process, giving full ownership and control to all internal stakeholders. It creates a collaborative environment for cross-functional teams enabling us to leverage on cross-pollination of new functionalities and to add value to enhance customer propositions.”

Ensuring faster time-to-market with optimum quality

Our DevOps teams can focus sharply within their areas of expertise thus ensuring faster time-to-market with optimum quality while gaining efficiencies and supporting increasing customer deliveries through same size of development resource capacity.

As we work, these days with a #getoutstrongertogether ethos, and with a global, remote working set-up, it is the ideal framework for assuring perfect collaboration for our developers and customers in multiple countries.

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