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You’re in the right spot: welcome to Visualfabriq, the world’s frontrunner in AI Enhanced Revenue Growth Management.

We are here for the change makers in the CPG industry.

Those who want to improve their Revenue Growth Management radically, powered by the only end-to-end AI enhanced RGM platform in the world.

Act now, to stay relevant in 2030.

Daily operations in CPG will have been radically transformed by AI in 2030. Visualfabriq is built on this transformation. Together we digitize and optimize your Revenue Growth Management and create maximum business value. And above all: we make you fit for the future, starting with instant results today.

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Stop thinking in silos, start thinking holistic.

Maybe you are used to multiple points of entry and workarounds. Well, that’s over. Our 100% Cloud native SaaS platform gives you one single point of entry and one version of the truth. Yes that’s quite empowering for every stakeholder.

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One platform, three modules, truly end-to-end.

Here you go. 

Use Best in Class Artificial Intelligence.

The Promotion Optimization Institute distinguishes us as Best in Class in Artificial Intelligence. As one of our customers says: ‘You own the AI space’. Nice words, and yes: AI and machine learning is in our utter DNA. It gives our clients a business case they never thought was possible. But probably the biggest win: it’s very easy to manage AI in our modules, you can do it yourself.

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Leave meetings with actionable insights.

It’s time to smile. Where you previously left a meeting with unanswered questions, you can now finish up by making the best informed decisions and actions. Blue skies.

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Take the driver’s seat.

The best consultants that you have are the people in your own organisation. So it’s our philosophy to bring the craftsmanship into the hands where it belongs: your business, your organisation. With our technology we give you the opportunity to take the driver’s seat, to own the whole RGM-process.

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Don’t code, configure!

No, no, no. Don’t pay for additional coding costs. That’s not scalable, that’s old school legacy. If you are in the driver’s seat you have to have the possibility to configurate, true SaaS, any time, at your service.

Process all relevant data in a wink. Now and in the future.

The Visualfabriq platform is the only RGM platform in the world that is able to integrate all internal and external data out of the box (billions of records, in any volume, variety or velocity), and to transform this into actionable insights in minutes, even seconds. And: the platform can easily scale any kind of data that will come into play in the future. Good to know.

Only concentrate on value added activities.

Highly educated people should not spend 80% of their time on non value added activities. Digitizing and restructuring your Revenue Growth Management process gives you the great opportunity to save a huge amount of time. So you can focus only on value added activities and unleash the excellence of your organisation.

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This is what our clients and industry experts say.

Visualfabriq has earned five POI ‘Best-in-Class’ distinctions for the 3rd year in a row

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"Visualfabriq has helped us to set up a very clear simple process that every single sales member of our organization knows"

Finance Director, Client, Global Snacking Company

"Featured as sample vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for TPM and TPO, and Gartner IT Market Clock for Supply Chain Planning."

Gartner, Hype Cycle, IT Market Clock for Supply Chain Planning

"We have an improved way of working. We have a very fast understanding of promotion benefits for us and for the retailers. And therefore we can drive better promotional plans."

Senior Solution Architect, Client, Global Dairy Company

"What we see now is that (AI) predictions are better than Manual predictions"

Data Scientist, Client, Global Brewing Company

"Given solid growth, excellent vision, clients of all sizes, and a strong/insightful user experience, we expect Visualfabriq to continue to be a very strong option for manufacturers."

Promotion Optimization Institute, Analyst, Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama

"The Visualfabriq tool is really helpful when you want to analyze your promotions. You really have to have that in place."

Business Insights Manager, Client, Global Confectionary & Gum Company

"You need a system that can evolve with the changing needs of the organization over time."

VP Revenue Growth Management, Client, Global Personal Care Company

"We can check the claims that are sent by the retailers and challenge them when needed."

Sales Controller, Client, Global Producer of Health, Hygiene and Home products

"Visualfabriq is a forerunner in AI usage for trade management. 80% of a tier one client’s planning is accomplished through new AI capabilities and models."

Promotion Optimization Institute, Analyst, Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama

Working from everywhere.

Remote working is the new ‘normal’. Let’s face it: having dozens of consultants at your office has been outdated (and unsustainable) for some time already. With our 100% SaaS Revenue Management solution, our highly efficient remote working processes, tooling and passionate employees, we make sure that you are fit for any future. Working from everywhere.

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