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Trusted by the world’s leading CPG’s.

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Leave spreadsheets behind and gain greater insight.


Visualfabriq empowers the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry to be a change maker. Be forward thinking using unique revenue forecasting and optimisation solutions. Leave manual administration and legacy behind. Start using the technology, tools and software of tomorrow. However big or small the challenges are, Visualfabriq has the right solution.


Leave meetings with insights instead of questions


Visualfabriq brings actionable insights to CPG organisations. Using a true SaaS, modular platform clients can use all capabilities or select the modules fitting their needs. All functionalities are connected, and data sources such as ex-factory and sell-in data are fully integrated. Fact-based revenue management throughout the organisation has never been easier.


Drive revenue with one version of the truth.


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One platform, four solutions.
Truly end-to-end.


Trade Promotion

Build a winning promotion strategy with performance insights and optimisation using the Visualfabriq AI capabilities.


Trade Spend

Create a value adding portfolio, pricing and long-term investment strategy to drive negotiations and revenue.


Demand Forecast MasterTM

Support your S&OP cycle with this highly sophisticated forecasting solution based on state-of-the-art machine learning.


Marketing Events

Build your brand by managing and optimising all activities, promos and events in the marketing space.

Think ahead, be ready for tomorrow


The world of CPG is never boring. New challenges appear every day. Whatever the future holds, Visualfabriq has the right tools to be agile and navigate these changes. A single platform connects the four available modules to the core Revenue Plan. This provides sales, finance, demand and marketing teams with the latest estimate, allowing them to define the course of action. Because in CPG, who can afford to wait? Act today and see the results right away.


Trusted by the world’s leading CPG’s.

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From spreadsheets to embedded Artificial Intelligence

The end goal is clear: revolutionising revenue forecasting and optimisation for the CPG industry. No matter the current processes in CPG, we can help. Get into effective action rapidly. Define the current need and use the platform through codeless configuration. Start with a single module or introduce the entire platform at once. Deployment is predictable, with codeless integration of data. As all modules use the same data foundation, scaling up is fast. Start today and experience industry-leading deployment.


Always the latest and greatest features

Visualfabriq offers true SaaS hosted multi-tenant AWS. And it has been been since the foundation in 2013. Say goodbye to costly updates and upgrades. Experience what it means when maintenance is taken care of and release of new features is seamless. Even the first customer is using our latest codebase.

Leave meetings with actionable insights.
Only concentrate on value added activities.
Take the driver’s seat.
Don’t code, configure!
Process all relevant data in a wink. Now and in the future.