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Discussing Advanced RGM at the POI Spring Virtual Engagement Summit

Visualfabriq, POI Summit – May 25-26, 2021. 

The POI Institute 2021 Spring Virtual Summit brought together CPG leaders and tech enablers that are transforming the industry. Visualfabriq once again had a strong presence as both sponsor and partipant of this inspiring event.

With the theme “Fine Tuning your Strategies and Commercial Capabilities for a Post-Pandemic World“, this POI virtual event offered the opportunity to gain critical insights and actionable advice, featuring a dynamic agenda of presentations, panel discussions and virtual workshops.

Pre-Event Workshop – Moving from Trade Promotion Management to Revenue Growth Optimization

Visualfabriq facilitated an interactive Revenue Growth Management workshop in collaboration with Kellogg Company and the POI Institute.

Expert speakers and facilitators to this workshop were:

  • Pam Brown – CCO, Promotion Optimization Institute
  • Joseph Enright – Sr. Director Global RGM, Kellogg Company
  • Wouter van den Berg – Customer Engagement Director, Visualfabriq

In this interactive workshop a realistic roadmap was presented of how to adapt, thrive, and focus on tangible results from TPx to Revenue Growth Management, including:

  • RGM Maturity models plus understanding roadmaps moving from Trade to RGM
  • How teams are constructed and skills across the enterprise
  • A vision for change transformation and how CPG’s overcome obstacles
  • Balancing Art & Science: Including leveraging new data to create new insights
  • Analytics evolution including AI (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Key performance indicators

Attendees gained new insights into how to advance from the very basic RGM initiatives with no real impact on ROI to advanced RGM practices that can significantly enhance the business holistically.

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