Where we come from.

Our founders, Carst Vaartjes and Jaco Brussé have had substantial, committed careers in the CPG-industry. They happened to become tech-entrepreneurs because they saw that tech offered solutions to their most pressing problems: they had never been able to unlock all necessary data, easily and instantly; they had never been able to integrate Big data and turn it into perfectly objective insights for the optimal decision-making they strived for; they were burdened by extremely expensive, inert and inflexible tools; and they battled with static and always outdated reports.

So, it was their deep personal quest to find the best solution in the world for CPG to transform all relevant data into instant, meaningful insights. But they couldn’t find it.

That is why they founded Visualfabriq in 2013. Driven by the vision to radically improve revenue management for CPG companies they created their own platform to integrate data, artificial intelligence and workflows to greatly empower the CPG employees and create more profit.

And where we are now.

In less than 8 years we have grown from an international start-up to a global vendor (with customers around the world and offices in 7 countries on 4 continents). Today, we support our clients in implementations and engagements across all the regions in the world.

We are proud that our vision is recognized by our clients, the world’s leading CPG companies. We improve their Revenue Growth Management every day through our unique and state-of-the-art SaaS platform and modules, which leads to a significant improvement in forecast accuracy and empowers our clients to fundamentally restructure their businesses.

Also independent leading analysts like the Promotion Optimization Institute, Forrester and Gartner fully recognize Visualfabriq as ‘a leader in driving change and deliver value to the CPG industry’; and as ‘highly effective in helping companies to meet the challenges of the shifting industry paradigms’.

And yes we are proud to be distinguished most recently again with 5 POI 2020 Best-in-Class awards, for: ‘Revenue Growth Management’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Financial Orientation/Simulation’, ‘Analytics Visualization and ‘TPO Ergonomics’.

We are on a mission.

We really want to unleash the excellence of our clients by solving the key pain points in an industry dominated by legacy systems and extensive manual processing, by providing our clients the tools that we were missing during our CPG-careers; making them fit for the future and starting with instant results today.

Business people for business people.

Great features are fantastic, tech is wonderful, and yes we always use the latest technology, we work in the cloud, our features are agile, resilient and robust. But if we didn’t understand the business it would be useless. It’s not the technology, it’s the people who understand how to drive business progress.

We know what it takes to negotiate with retailers. The needs, wishes and frustrations of our customers were exactly our needs, wishes and frustrations. Visualfabriq is the best answer to that. For us. And for our customers.

What’s in a name?

A lot of people ask us how we came up with the name Visualfabriq. We wanted to use words that conveyed the deeper meaning of how we want to help our customers.

Visual: We process and unlock vast amounts of data for our clients. Others also say they can do this, but actually don’t. We do, and incredibly fast, using the latest AI and demand-sensing tech. But unlocking massive data only becomes properly effective if the insights are presented in the most easy to understand, useful and visible way. That’s what we do and why the word ‘visual’ is key to our name.

Fabriq: In the development of our tools we have focused on weaving data in the most coherent ways. We weave data, that was once so incomprehensible, elusive and hidden into an attractive, comprehensive ‘fabric’ of meaningful and accurate insights, patterns, trends and visualisations. Therefore: being able to get the real picture quickly and easily, our customers make far better decisions.

Doing good.

Visualfabriq is proud to be part of the Net4Kids community. We believe that it’s important to share our knowledge, our time, and our profit doing good for others.

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