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Arla + Visualfabriq

How Arla grows towards AI maturity, significantly enhancing their Revenue Growth Management.

More and more CPG companies are understanding that AI is not some overhyped plug-and-play module. AI is a critical journey in the pursuit of strategic RGM. What is the trigger to set a CPG company off on the journey? How do you actually get started? What happens to you along the way?

To find answers to these questions, more than 300 CPG professionals signed up for a recent Promotion Optimization Institute sponsored by Visualfabriq and featuring our braveheart client, Arla, the world’s largest organic dairy producer.

Arla was an early adopter of Visualfabriq’s unique SaaS RGM platform with applied AI, and are on a growth path in applying AI to their commercial capabilities, using a realistic growth framework.

Listeners tuned into the 60-minute POI webinar and had a rare opportunity to hear the insights and experiences of Natalie Vandersluis, Arla’s Senior Solution Architect & Business Expert.

Described by Visualfabriq’s CTO, Carst Vaartjes as “one of the most visionary people in the CPG industry”, Natalie is on the Arla Commercial Agile Release Train team currently implementing advanced AI driven RGM capabilities for the global company, which is a co-operative owned by 9.700 dairy farmers.

Natalie Vandersluis

The webinar, hosted by POI CEO Michael Kantor features an illuminating discussion between Natalie and Carst using the framework of an AI Maturity Model that encompasses data, people, process and technology.

Natalie relates the onset of Arla’s AI journey, their ambitions, challenges and preparations. She emphasizes how crucial master data structure is right from the beginning and the necessity of continual change management activities as the journey unfolds. For Arla, a solid benefits case was always in place; they knew where they wanted to go.

Speed of implementation was important to them; they did not want a multi-year implementation to be able to get the benefits of applied AI.

We started with a minimal viable product with capability delivered fast,” she says. “Then we could keep building on it and keep momentum going. That enabled us to quickly experience improved ways of working and better promotional results from day one.

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  • Define how AI is going to improve your business case, now and in the future
  • Build and realize a road map to bridge the distance from where you are today and where you want to go
  • Grow in applying AI to your commercial capabilities, look past the hype and focus on tangible results

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